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National Air Cargo issues statement regarding Boeing 747 crash in Afghanistan

ORLANDO, Fla. - National Air Cargo will not speculate as to the cause of the accident involving National Flight NCR102.

National Airlines B747-400 cargo plane crashes in Afghanistan

ORLANDO, Fla. - A National Airlines B747-400 cargo plane was involved in an accident at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan today.

Czech tourists abducted from Pakistan shifted to Afghanistan by Taliban

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Two female Czech tourists who were abducted from Chagai Balochistan Pakistan have been shifted to Afghanistan by Taliban, confirmed the Czech Foreign Ministry.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization may include Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan in its...

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN - Pakistan is attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) that kicked off its 11th prime ministerial meeting in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek on Tuesday.

Pakistan announces official support for New Silk Road being built by...

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan announced official support for News Silk Road being built by China.

Afghanistan after NATO pulls out: will it stand or will it...

There have been dire predictions about prospects for Afghanistan after the bulk of NATO forces withdraw from the battle-scarred country in 2014.

Heavy floods expected in China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Heavy floods are expected in mountain ranges of Himalaya, Hindu Kush, and Pamir again this year.

Respect our culture and be our guest

PAKISTAN & IRAN (eTN) - When I was sitting in the departure lounge of Lahore Airport for my flight to Mashhad, Iran, I had a perception of a country that is barely surviving through economic stresses

18 die in Kabul hotel attack

Nine militants who targeted a Kabul hotel in a suicide attack killed nine other people today, Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

Taliban gunmen storm Kabul Intercontinental Hotel

At least six Taliban gunmen and bombers attacked a famous Kabul hotel where senior Afghan officials were staying, waging a battle with security forces that lasted for hours.

Discover Afghanistan in London

LONDON, England - The British Museum in London is exhibiting important archaeological discoveries from ancient Afghanistan.

UN marks 10th anniversary of Buddha statues’ destruction in Afghanistan

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the giant Buddha statues of Bamiyan, in Afghanistan, by the then-ruling fundamentalist Islamic Taliban, the United Nations cultural chief today

Suicide bombing attack in Kabul

NEW YORK, New York - A suicide bomber struck in the early afternoon at a supermarket in the center of Kabul, Afghanistan, today, killing at least 8 civilians, including a child and 3 western women.

Rising opium prices threaten campaign against Afghan drug production

Rising opium prices may encourage farmers in Afghanistan to plant more of the narcotic crop, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said in a survey released today, warning that the high

Fully rebuilding tourism in Bamiyan still a distant dream

BAMIYAN, Afghanistan — Two empty niches facing over a lush green valley towards the snow-capped Hindu Kush mountains stand in silent testimony to Bamiyan's rich past -- and its uncertain future.

Pamir Airways plane with 44 on board crashes in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan passenger plane carrying 44 people, including six foreigners, on a domestic flight crashed Monday near the Salang Pass north of the capital, officials said.

New tourist guest house opens in Afghan Panjshir province

PANJSHIR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Panjshir province, Afghanistan, is known for its scenic terrain, fast-flowing river, permissive environment and mujahedeen resistance of both the Soviets and Taliban

Safi Airways appoints Airworld Alliance as general sales agent for the...

Safi Airways with airline code "4Q" is pleased to announce the appointment of Airworld Alliance as general sales agent in the United States and Canada.

Putting the country back on the tourist map

Band-E-Amir National Park, Afghanistan - Big dreams are reflected in the azure-hued shimmer of these pristine mountain lakes: Afghanistan's quixotic ambitions of becoming a tourist paradise.

Tourism recuperates into booming industry in Afghanistan

KABUL - Sitting on the bank of Qarga Lake west of Kabul and playing with his kids, Ahmad Rashid said it almost becomes a routine for him to go out for excursion along with his family every week-end.

Polish travel agency takes tourists to Afghanistan

WARSAW, Poland — A Polish travel agency has offered a special package tour for the intrepid tourist—a trip to Afghanistan.

Three-year-olds abandoned at UK ports

Reports emerged last week that children as young as three have been found abandoned at UK ports and airports.

Keeping Afghanistan’s tourists safe

The lines between the Afghanistan at war and the Afghanistan at peace alter daily. Cities accessible by road today may only be reached by plane — or not at all — tomorrow.

Turkey readies for international air show

ISTANBUL, Turkey (eTN) - The 9th of the traditional ölüdeniz Air Games Festival, organized by the Ölüdeniz Municipality, will take place this year between the dates of October 15-19.

ExpressJet Airlines donates assets to assist US Veterans returning From Iraq...

HOUSTON, TX (September 2, 2008) - When skyrocketing fuel costs forced ExpressJet Airlines to suspend branded commercial passenger flights and its Delta Air Lines service, the airline found a silver li

Tough sell: Touring audacious Afghanistan

Sanjeev Gupta thinks it's about time war-torn Afghanistan had a tourism industry in a peaceful corner of the country.

Getting tourists to Afghanistan’s Grand Canyon

It takes eight bone-shaking hours on a dirt track road to reach Afghanistan's first national park from the capital, but the beauty and serenity is worth crossing the world for.

Minister: Afghanistan to gain twelve airports in five years

On May 31, the Kabul Times reported that Afghanistan’s Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Hamidullah Qaderi has unveiled a new plan to build 12 new airports in Afghanistan in the next five years.

Country within a country – Taliban in Northwest Pakistan

Swat, Pakistan (eTN) - It was November 2007. Thousands of people were desperately trying to reach a huge area along the bank of River Swat in the idyllic Swat district of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) to get a glimpse of the public lashing by local Taliban of two alleged kidnappers.