German UEFA Euro 2024 Host Cities Ranked

German UEFA Euro 2024 Host Cities Ranked
German UEFA Euro 2024 Host Cities Ranked
Written by Harry Johnson

It is crucial to be aware of which of the ten German cities hosting UEFA Euro 2024 matches will be the main destination for your expenses and to plan accordingly.

The upcoming 2024 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro 2024, is drawing near, and as summer rapidly approaches, numerous individuals throughout Europe will be backing their national team in Germany. It is crucial to be aware of which of the ten German cities hosting the matches will be the main destination for your expenses and to plan accordingly.

Travel experts evaluated various factors such as the price of beer at each stadium, the number of hotels located within a two-mile radius of each city, and the average nightly hotel rate. Each factor was assigned a score of 10 in order to establish the final ranking.

Frankfurt was ranked as the top city chosen to host the Euros 2024 in Germany, after achieving a final rating of 64.45 out of 100. It is the third most affordable city to travel to from London, with a rating of 7.67 and an average cost of £90.48. Frankfurt stands out for its excellent hospitality options, boasting the highest number of cafes at 175 and fast-food restaurants at 146, both scoring a perfect 10. Transportation within Frankfurt is budget-friendly, with a taxi costing just €2.19 per km and scoring 8.33. The Deutsche Bank Park stadium in Frankfurt has received an impressive 4.5-star rating on Google reviews, resulting in an index score of 6.67, placing it in joint third position among the 10 stadiums.

Berlin ranks second, achieving a final score of 58.74. The city is known for the Olympiastadion and offers affordable food and beverage options within the football stadium. With a beer price of €4.40, it is the third cheapest among all 10 stadiums, earning a score of 8 in the index. Additionally, Berlin secures the third spot for sausage prices, with a score of 6.25 at a reasonable €3.50. A remarkable 23% of restaurants in Berlin provide budget-friendly dining options, the highest ratio among the 10 cities listed, resulting in an overall index score of 10. The capital’s stadium also boasts an index of 8.33 for its Google Reviews ratings, equivalent to an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars, making it one of the top-rated stadiums in Germany.

Gelsenkirchen, with a final score of 54.55, ranks as the third-best city. For beer lovers visiting Germany, Gelsenkirchen offers the advantage of having the cheapest beers among all the stadiums, priced at €4.20. This earns a perfect score of 10 in the beer category. Additionally, the average price of domestic beer outside of the stadium is €0.98, also receiving a score of 10. If you plan to dine out, a meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant will cost around €43.76, which is quite reasonable and earns a score of 10.

Cologne holds the fourth position in the ranking, achieving a total score of 53.83. Travelers flying from London to Cologne will notice that flights are more affordable here compared to the other hosting cities, with an average price of £74.98 for a round trip. For coffee lovers looking for a budget-friendly caffeine fix, this city provides a regular cappuccino for €3.37, earning the highest rating of 10 among the other German cities hosting.

Dortmund secures the fifth spot with a remarkable final score of 50.83. The city boasts the renowned Signal Induna Park stadium, which has witnessed the brilliance of football talents like Jude Bellingham and Erling Haaland. Unsurprisingly, Dortmund attracts a significant number of tourists due to its sporting allure. The stadium garners exceptional ratings on both TripAdvisor and Google, with 4.74 stars and 4.70 stars respectively. Additionally, Dortmund offers the most affordable accommodation, with an average hotel price of £96.80, earning a perfect score of 10.

Stuttgart holds the sixth position, boasting an overall index score of 44.83. The transportation system in Stuttgart is not only affordable but also convenient, with a one-way ticket for local transport priced at €3.06 and a taxi fare of €2.08 per kilometer. Both these factors contribute to a commendable index score of 10. When it comes to the price of domestic beer, Stuttgart offers a bargain at just €1.01, earning a respectable index score of 8.57. However, the MHPArena in Stuttgart stands out for having the most expensive beer among all the hosting stadiums, with a hefty price tag of €5.20. Consequently, this particular factor receives the lowest possible index score of 0 for the city.

In seventh place, Hamburg has an index score of 43.91. The city is home to the Volksparkstadion and is known for being one of the most affordable cities to travel to from London, with an average flight cost of €91.14, giving it an index score of 9.48. When it comes to prices inside the stadium, a beer will only set you back €4.30, earning Hamburg a high index score of 9. However, if you’re looking to buy a 1.5 litre bottle of water while exploring the city, be prepared to pay €1.01, making Hamburg the second most expensive city for purchasing water on the go, resulting in a low index score of 0.92.

Dusseldorf secures the eighth position with an index score of 43.55. Within a 2-mile radius of the city center, Dusseldorf boasts the second-highest average hotel rating on, standing at 8.1 out of 10, resulting in an index score of 5.62. Nevertheless, the hotel rates in Dusseldorf are not the most affordable, averaging at €137.75, and earning a low index score of 5.72.

Munich is placed in the ninth position, achieving an overall index score of 41.98. The Allianz Arena in Munich, which is the selected hosting stadium, has received numerous positive reviews on Google, obtaining an index score of 8.33. Nevertheless, acquiring basic beverages in the city can be quite expensive, with Coke and Pepsi priced at €3.56 and cappuccinos at an average of €4.05. These costs for basic beverages are the highest among all hosting cities, leading to an index score of 0.

Leipzig holds the tenth position on the index, scoring 39.35 overall. The flights from London to Leipzig are the priciest, averaging £164.25, resulting in an index score of 0. Taxi fares in Leipzig are also steep, amounting to €2.74 per km, which is equally expensive as Hamburg and earns a score of 0. Nevertheless, Leipzig outshines other host cities in terms of reviews, boasting an impressive average score of 8.45 out of 10 and achieving a perfect index score of 10.


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