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Darjeeling tea producers venturing into tea tourism projects

Tea producers are venturing into tea tourism projects in the picturesque Darjeeling hills, hoping the newly-created Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) will restore peace in the region.

Tourist arrested, held in custody for 5 days after Australian officials...

MELBOURNE, Australia — A Filipino tourist was cleared of wrongdoing Thursday after spending five days in custody after Australian officials mistook packets of tea for amphetamines.

Rwanda tourism industry beats coffee, tea to earn US$42.3m

Rwanda's tourism industry emerged the top foreign currency earner generating revenues worth US$42.3million overtaking coffee and tea industries in 2007.Coffee and tea industries earned $35.7million and $31.5million respectively. Rwanda has prioritised coffee, tea and tourism industries as key economic contributors to boost her exports by earning reasonable bundles of foreign currencies.