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Songtsam Hotels, Resorts & Tours in Tibet & Yunnan China Prepare Chinese New Year’s Eve Gift Boxes

Songtsam “Victory Tiger” Chinese New Year Family Gift Box - Image courtesy of Songtsam Hotels
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

Songtsam Hotels, Resorts & Tours, an award-winning boutique luxury hotel chain in the Tibet and Yunnan Provinces of China, is celebrating the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) on February 1, 2022 by offering their guests a nine-course Dian-style New Year’s Eve Gift Box which features fresh, local farm-to-table ingredients and delectable traditional style recipes accompanied by nostalgic flavors that will transport the taste buds back in time to celebrate The Year of the Tiger.

In Chinese culture, the New Year’s Eve Feast represents a reward for the completion of a hardworking previous year and hopes for a better life in the coming year. On New Year’s Eve morning, farm fresh ingredients are purchased from the local market in preparation for the New Year’s Eve Feast. For people in the Yunnan province, the local wild matsutake mushrooms are the central, most important part of the New Year’s Eve feast, as they are preserved from the summer months. This dinner celebration calls for ingredients from all four seasons, including Dian-style preserved meats, braised pork ribs, yams, watercress, snow peas and carrots, fish head tofu pot, black truffle, pan-fried dumplings, bean stew with rice, and more.

Symbolism is key to the New Year’s Eve Dinner. It is a Chinese tradition to eat what is symbolic of how guests would like to welcome in the coming new year. If you eat fish, you will have prosperity; if you eat chicken, you will be lucky; eating dumplings brings fortune & treasures and eating sausages brings longevity.

Songtsam “Victory Tiger” Chinese New Year Family Gift Box Components Ready to Feast – Image courtesy of Songtsam Hotels

In the New Year’s Eve Dinner, the utensils are equally as important as the delicacies on the table. Bronzeware, which is one of Songtsam’s iconic aesthetics, uses local pure red copper as raw material and is handcrafted by bronzeware masters in Heqing, Dali of the Yunnan province. The beautiful porcelain that graces the tabletop is hand-pulled from local clay and then fired in the traditional kiln in Chiang Mai, Thailand, making each piece’s shape unique and original; no two are exactly the same. 

After dinner, guests can watch the Spring Festival Gala while enjoying some celebratory snacks such as, dried plantain, broad bean heart, matsutake and highland barley biscuits, beef jerky, and walnut candy.

Songtsam offers its guests New Year Gift Boxes that feature farm-to-table ingredients that follow Chinese New Year traditions: the cost is $108 

1. Shangri-La Matsutake Freeze Dried

2. Dian-style preserved meat

3. Dried plantain

4. Broad Bean

5. Pepper Porcini Sauce

6. Matsutake Highland Barley Biscuits

7. New Year Painting

8. Two Winning Tiger Chinese New Year Red Packets

About Songtsam 

Songtsam (“Paradise”) is an award-winning luxury boutique hotel group of Hotels Resorts & Tours located in Tibet and Yunnan Province, China. Founded in 2000 by Mr. Baima Duoji, a former Tibetan Documentary filmmaker, Songtsam is the only collection of luxury Tibetan-style retreats within the wellness space focusing on the concept of Tibetan meditation by combining physical and spiritual healing together.  The 12 unique properties can be found across the Tibetan Plateau, offering guests authenticity, within the context of refined design, modern amenities, and unobtrusive service in places of untouched natural beauty and cultural interest. Songtsam Tours is a Virtuoso Asia Pacific Preferred Supplier and provides guests an opportunity to curate their own experiences by combining stays at its different hotels and lodges designed to discover the region’s diverse culture, rich biodiversity, incredible scenic landscapes, and unique living heritage.  Songtsam was on the 2018 & 2019 Conde Nast Traveler Gold List China Edition, and the 2022 Conde Nast Traveler Gold List USA Edition. 

For more information, please click here.

About Songtsam Tours 

Songtsam Tours, a Virtuoso Asia Pacific Preferred Supplier, offers curated experiences by combining stays at its different hotels and lodges designed to discover the region’s diverse culture, rich biodiversity, incredible scenic landscapes, and unique living heritage. Songtsam currently offers two signature routes: the Songtsam Yunnan Circuit, which explores the “Three Parallel Rivers” area (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the new Songtsam Yunnan-Tibet Route, which merges the Ancient Tea Horse Road, G214 (Yunnan-Tibet highway), G318 (Sichuan-Tibet highway), and the Tibetan Plateau road tour into one, adding unprecedented comfort to the Tibetan travel experience. 

About Songtsam Mission 

Songtsam’s mission is to inspire their guests with the diverse ethnic groups and cultures of the region and to understand how the local people pursue and understand happiness, bringing Songtsam guests closer to discovering their own Shangri La. At the same time, Songtsam has a strong commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the essence of Tibetan culture by supporting the economic development of the local communities and the environmental conservation within Tibet and Yunnan.

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