Israel Attacks Iran and Syria: Airports and Air Space Shut Down

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Drone attacks were reported in 7 Iranian cities, and according to US reports also attacks in Syria were noticed. IDF did not confirm anything, and it remains unclear if there are further responses expected by Iran.

All airports in Iran were closed earlier due to a drone attack on an army base in Isfahan, with sirens heard in the Islamic Republic’s Northern part of the country.

According to information still unclear, simultaneous attacks were seen in Syria.

Later Iran said there was no attack.

It appears countries such as Jordan and Iraq were also scrambling to clear their skies, reopening air space now.

Passenger flights were seen flying over Eastern Iran without hindrance

Iranian Press TV is playing down the attack, saying the Iranian defense was able to avoid damages.

Israel Defence Force has not yet made a statement, and the situation remains unclear, putting civil aviation safety in a state of suspense. It appears Israel went against the United States in operating this attack.

Iranian state television reported explosions in Isfahan, as air defenses were activated and flights across several areas, including Tehran and Isfahan, were suspended.

The strike was launched despite the Passover holidays in Israel. Reports are coming in from Northern Israel about sirens being heard.

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