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Russia’s Hotel Bookings Surge Due to New E-visa Scheme

, Russia’s Hotel Bookings Surge Due to New E-visa Scheme, eTurboNews | eTN
Harry Johnson
Written by Harry Johnson

Electronic visa application processing takes four days and the cost is about $52 (based on the current exchange rate).

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Russian tourism officials are claiming that due to this month’s launch of electronic visas (e-visas), that simplified travel to Russia for citizens of 55 countries, foreign demand for accommodation in Russia has surged.

Judging by the official data, after the launch of new electronic visa scheme, the number of hotel bookings in Russia by foreign visitors has spiked by 25% in August compared to July, and increased by 40 percent year-on-year.

Same data indicated that there was no noticeable growth in reservations in July when compared with June.

Foreigners, who wish to visit Russia, can apply for Russian e-visa online, either via an online portal or mobile app. Electronic visa application processing takes four days and the cost is about $52 (based on the current exchange rate).

New e-visa allows single entry into Russia and foreigners can stay for around two weeks as a tourist, guest or business visitor, as well as a participant in scientific, cultural, sociopolitical, economic, or sporting events.

According to Russian tourist officials, e-visas are especially popular with visitors from India, Türkiye, China, Iran, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain.

The most noticeable increase in foreign demand was for hotel bookings was registered in Irkutsk, where bookings tripled year-on-year in August. Russia’s port city of Vladivostok in Far East saw twofold growth in the same period, while in Moscow and Kazan foreign bookings increased by 58% and 50% respectively.

St. Petersburg, Königsberg (Kaliningrad), Sochi, Ekaterinburg, and Novosibirsk were also among the most popular Russian destinations for foreign visitors.

The demand is expected to continue to grow, tourist officials claim, citing “positive dynamics in pre-booking for the next tourist season due to electronic visas.”

Last month, Russia has also launched visa-free group tours scheme with China and Iran. Same agreement is expected to be concluded with India at a later date.

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Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson has been the assignment editor for eTurboNews for mroe than 20 years. He lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is originally from Europe. He enjoys writing and covering the news.

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