Switzerland: Center of Environmental Excellence and Beacon for EU 

Switzerland opens its borders to vaccinated Gulf tourists
Written by Kristijan Curavic

EU is about to abandon Environmental Preservation and Climate Change as a priority. In the last decade, no significant policies or measures were implemented in the EU, considering that the EU is drowning in plastic and oceans, lakes, and rivers are being overflowed annually.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, plastic use has tripled in the last four years, and the EU single plastic use ban policy is far from adequate or implemented.

This leaves natural resources and us in an immediate threat and risk of biodiversity loss.

This leaves us living in an unsafe, environmentally polluted area, and we can safely say we have lost the battle against plastic in the EU and the Mediterranean, states Mr. Alic Nedzad, OACM CEO for Government Integration in the EU and Switzerland. We need to turn this situation around immediately and start with concrete measures.


Switzerland is the only country on the European Continent with self-sufficiently educated people and raised awareness among nationals.

The Ocean Alliance

The Ocean Alliance Group (OACM) is the world’s first conglomerate of United Nations, corporations, and human resources committed to preserving, protecting, and cleaning oceans, lakes, and rivers with a financially sustainable circular economy system that combines economy, environment, education, and social impact.

The OACM’s global activity is based on concrete measures and solutions only, focused on minimizing the international footprint of the world’s waters, reducing future pollution, and dealing with the pollution accumulated during the last five decades.

White Flag International is an OACM brand created to certify coastal and marine areas by cleaning below and above water surfaces and annually maintaining these areas. White Flag is part of the SOS CP Program (Sustainable Ocean Solution Conservancy Program), which is being integrated globally into governmental structures. This program provides nations with financially sustainable solutions to preserve natural resources and climate change effects on oceans, lakes, and rivers.

White Flag Certified SAFE Marine Area

White Flag CSMA (Certified SAFE Marine Area) is a global synonym for a broad spectrum of economic, environmental, educational, and social activities within a closed circular system ensuring planetary health and clean oceans.

White Flag CSMA, under the umbrella of the SOS CP System, has ensured a long-term, financially sustainable synergy between the governmental and the corporate sectors to deal with today’s imminent environmental threats and challenges through shared responsibility and by implementing only concrete measures that positively impact the planet and the world’s oceans.

Any integrated environmental measures can be measured in metric tonnes of extracted ocean marine debris, representing the core essence of the SOS CP and White Flag CSMA.

Safe Marine Areas in the European Union

OACM aims to lead in creating SAFE Marine Areas in the EU, Mediterranean, South Eastern Europe, and Balkan region, providing the government, corporations, organizations, and foundations actively involved in preserving natural resources with tools to battle the pollution threat.

“We will start with the corporate, organizational, and foundations to create plastic-free SAFE marine areas for human and aquatic life,” says Ms. Franka Veza, young OACM CEO responsible for partnership and development between the OACM and various organizations, foundations, and public-private stakeholders.

She says, “The Responsibility of environmental preservation lies in all of us: governments, corporations, and organizations. Our objective is to unite them and generate much stronger ECR policies in these sectors by providing those stakeholders with long-term, financially sustainable tools. “

The most Extensive Lake and river Cleanup in Switzerland.

The Ocean Alliance prepares the most extensive systematic lake and river clean-up in Swiss History, making Switzerland a center of environmental excellence and a beacon for the EU on the implementation of concrete measures based on the physical extraction of marine debris, plastic, and other pollutants that lies on the bottom in Switzerland.

To educate people about the difference between cosmetic and concrete measures, OACM has created the EOMD Scale System ( Extracted Ocean Marine Debris ).

This unique measuring system will ensure the public and media have visual proof of how much of the pollutants are beyond extracting from lakes and rivers on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, says Damir Blaskovic, OACM CEO for EU and Swiss Corporate Partnership.

To bring environmental pollution closer to the public, raise awareness, and educate your and the old generation about its consequences, we will film and co-produce small documentaries for companies, foundations, and those who will finance our lake and river cleaning.

The Water Drop Award

By the end of each year, OACM, with its partners, will organize an official “ Water Drop Award “ Ceremony where all partners and sponsors will be awarded for their efforts, and documentaries from the cleaning process will be screened for the media; the public, and our partners during the award ceremony. The Mr. Mario Kanaet, OACM CEO for SOS CP System Visual Effects, quotes:

“To educate people, raise awareness, and prove our system functionality above other cosmetic measures, we will show how much plastic we extract in the photo and video aids but most importantly in numbers of EOMD Scale. “ 

OACM has initiated its operations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa

Middle East: Jordan, Egypt, Oman, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain
EU: Croatia, Slovenia, Malta, Norway, New Macedonia, and soon Albania
Africa: Seychelles

In the next few months, it’s expected to start in Asia and become official in South Korea and Japan through 2025.

OACM promoted the SOS CP CSMA system on “The Strandbad Mythenquai” on Lake Zurich in 2022.

The Swiss Light Show

The light show will be performed by world-famous Swiss light Artist Gerry Hofstetter, the CEO of Visual Effects for World Aqua Day in 2025.

Mr. Hofstetter’s Award will be given only to companies and foundations that truly take concrete measures to save oceans, lakes, and rivers.


About the author

Kristijan Curavic

President of Ocean Alliance Conservation Member (OACM) - focused on creating plastic-free marine areas by eliminating plastic from oceans, lakes & rivers

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