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Tag: Uganda Wildlife Authority

Uganda Wildlife Authority issues notice on rescheduling of tourism activities

Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda- March 12, 2020 21:22

Following the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) issued notice to stakeholders on minor changes in the rescheduling of tourism activities in UWA-managed and protected areas. UWA Executive ... Read More

Uganda tour operators warn of mass protests over proposed Murchison Falls dam

Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda- June 12, 2019 18:54

In an advertisement in “The New Vision” daily by the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) on June 7, a notice of intended application for a license from Bonang Power and Energy ... Read More

Ugandan judge okays destruction of natural forest for sugarcane plantation

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 3, 2019 16:10

In December of last year, Judge Albert Rugadya Atwooki stepped down from the case between Natinal Forestry Authority (NFA) and the Omukama of Bunyoro Kingdom, Mr Solomon Iguru Gafabusa, regarding ... Read More

American Tourist Kidnapped in Uganda: African Tourism Board in action with expert Dr. Peter Tarlow

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 3, 2019 21:14

Not only leopards were roaming Queen Elizabeth National Park today, but criminals who kidnapped an elderly American tourist in the park today, and put the well-organized travel and tourism industry ... Read More

Uganda travel and trafficking

editor editor- March 23, 2019 19:00

Sub-Saharan Africa has enormous tourism potential: leopards lounging in acacia trees, elephant herds drifting across vast savannah plains, gorillas and chimps rioting in deep forests, the earliest traces of human ... Read More

Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust hand over to Dr.Joshua Rukundo

Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda- March 10, 2019 19:38

On 4th March 2019, the long-serving Executive Director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Ms Lilly Ajarova handed over to Dr Joshua Rukundo who will be the Acting Executive ... Read More

Family rescues abandoned leopard cub from wildfire

Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda- February 23, 2019 22:04

A humble family living among the local communities that neighbor Murchison Falls National Park in the Masindi district have rescued a leopard cub left behind by its mother and is ... Read More

Ugandan conservationists capture rare footage of elusive giant pangolin

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 15, 2019 18:15

Conservationists from Chester Zoo have captured ‘momentous’ video footage of the elusive giant pangolin at Ziwa Rhino Ranch in Uganda – part of an ongoing pioneering study that is revealing ... Read More

Uganda officials bust major ivory and pangolin scales smuggling racket

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 1, 2019 20:20

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has started reaping the results from the introduction of Non-intrusive Cargo Inspection (NII) scanning technology that this week, uncovered a major regional poaching racket. Officers at ... Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority donates relief to victims of floods and landslides at Mt. Elgon

Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda- January 13, 2019 20:12

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) delivered relief items worth UGX 10 Million (USD 3700) to the people who were affected by flash floods and landslides that occurred in October 2018 killing ... Read More

Uganda Tourism Board appoints first female CEO

Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda- January 10, 2019 22:46

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), the government body in charge of promoting and marketing tourism, has appointed its first female CEO. Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority protecting lions, communities and tourism

Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda- January 8, 2019 00:21

Experiential tourism was introduced in Uganda to allow visitors to actively participate in monitoring animals that live in the park using tracking devices. Read More

Uganda Tourism Board searching for a new CEO

Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda Tony Ofungi - eTN Uganda- December 18, 2018 08:53

Uganda Tourism Board CEO job is up for grabs as Stephen Asiimwe bows out after four years at the helm. Read More

Rwenzori Visitor Center opens doors in Uganda

editor editor- August 28, 2012 05:05

UGANDA (eTN) - The USAID-funded STAR program, short for Sustainable Tourism in the Albertine Rift, has handed over their arguably last project component to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), when ... Read More

National park fire destroys safari lodge

editor editor- February 9, 2012 09:59

UGANDA (eTN) - A raging bush fire, allegedly set by staff of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, has devastated the Kyambura Game Lodge earlier in the week, according to reports from ... Read More

Uganda tourism ministry finally gets Kanyeihamba report

editor editor- January 14, 2012 01:44

UGANDA (eTN) - After four months of waiting, the Ministry of Tourism has finally received the Kanyeihamba report, giving the findings of the commission of enquiry, which has over the ... Read More

Appoint new boards, Uganda Ministry told

editor editor- December 8, 2011 08:18

UGANDA (eTN) - Pressure is growing on the Uganda Ministry of Tourism to appoint boards for various institutions under the auspices of the ministry, in particular for the Uganda Wildlife ... Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority Commission Chair just cannot shut up

editor editor- September 27, 2011 06:01

UGANDA (eTN) - In typical style, combative and controversial as ever, retired Supreme Court Justice George Kanyeihamba, only days after it became known that he received directives from the Minister ... Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority lacks funds to play tourist

editor editor- August 18, 2011 07:34

UGANDA (eTN) - A range of rather unprintable comments were received overnight when it became known that members of the commission of enquiry publicly lamented the lack of funds from ... Read More

Former Uganda tourism minister in cross hairs

editor editor- July 1, 2011 05:52

UGANDA (eTN) - The immediate former Minister for Tourism Trade and Industry, the Hon. Read More

Kidepo lodge deal not in order

editor editor- April 9, 2011 06:10

UGANDA (eTN) - As reported last year, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) was given a directive from the Office of the President to hand over the derelict Grand Katarum Lodge ... Read More

Uganda’s fallen tourism rankings lead to more squabbles

editor editor- March 24, 2011 06:17

UGANDA (eTN) - When news broke yesterday that Rwanda’s tourism sector’s competitiveness had risen to now top their standing within the East African Community, more squabbles were reported from wit Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority to fork out a billion to Murchison Falls neighbors

editor editor- March 17, 2011 05:01

UGANDA (eTN) - As much as a billion Uganda Shillings (approximately US$415,800) has accumulated in accounts set aside to give communities neighboring the Murchisons Falls National Park their 20 percen Read More

Uganda tourism minister under renewed pressure

editor editor- December 27, 2010 02:00

UGANDA (eTN) - The Attorney General’s Office last weekend published advice sought by government over initial plans to install a caretaker board, following the sacking of the majority of board ... Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority woes far from over as donors wade into controversy

editor editor- December 15, 2010 06:21

UGANDA (eTN) - Key development partners and donors of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) have now formally written to the government of Uganda, demanding that UWA return to proper management ... Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority gets new acting executive director

editor editor- December 9, 2010 02:14

UGANDA (eTN) - In a surprise move, the minister of tourism yesterday appointed Dr. Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority acting executive director under fire

editor editor- December 6, 2010 08:40

UGANDA (eTN) - Comments attributed to the acting executive director of UWA, Mark Kamanzi, to the effect of "what is wrong with a golf course in the park" have raised ... Read More

Uganda Wildlife Authority excels in mountain rescue of tourist

editor editor- June 17, 2010 02:40

(eTN) Last week put the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s (UWA) rescue measures to the test, when a foreign tourist suffered a climbing accident when returning from one of the Read More

More landslide threats on Mt. Elgon

editor editor- June 1, 2010 03:28

Latest information emerging from the east of the country indicate that further Read More

Uganda’s new hunting license promises more controversy

editor editor- October 20, 2009 10:40

Reports recently in the local media, and a subsequent reproduction of an article by The Monitor on the eTN Website, prompted a series of frantic communications from ardent conservationists and ... Read More