Is Candy Good for Flight Anxiety?

candy bar - image courtesy of Ali Pixalli from Pixabay
candy bar - image courtesy of Ali Pixalli from Pixabay
Written by Linda Hohnholz

It depends on who you ask. If you ask Mars, Inc. candy manufacturer, the answer is a resounding yes, and especially if that candy is a Snickers bar.

Today, Mars launched a campaign called Hungry Skies in which the iconic Snickers candy bar is suggested as the perfect answer to unruly airline passengers who are simply out of sorts because they are hungry.

In the advertising campaign, the phrase, You’re not you when you’re hungry, is made clear with comical anecdotes of passengers one would hope not to get stuck sitting next to. Perhaps airlines will begin to make Snickers bars available and have flight attendants come down the aisle after reaching cruising altitude asking passengers if they’d like something to drink and/or a Snickers bar.

As most of us know, candy is an instantly gratifying, soul satisfying response to stress. My mother’s favorite candy bar was Snickers, and even when she became a diabetic, it was her sugar source of choice if she ever needed to spike up her glucose due to a low-blood sugar episode. Even when her doctor told her about glucose tablets as an alternative, she simply looked at him as if he’d lost his mind and asked, “Why would I do that when I can have a Snickers bar instead?”

But speaking of moms, most parents know that if you give a child candy, their energy level is going to spike and they will be zooming around the house for a time, albeit happily zooming, but zooming nonetheless. And as we learned as adults, the sugar rush is always followed by a sugar crash when our bodies fall back down to what feels like even lower energy levels.

Generally speaking, eating high sugar foods, like a candy bar, may initially have a positive effect on one’s attitude, but biochemically, this is often followed up with a rapid sugar drop, which in reality, makes one feel even more tired than before eating the candy and produces a couple nasty side effects, like irritability and anxiety.

Although the effects of candy, whether it be an antidote to low blood sugar, or coming home from a stressful work day, or drowning one’ sorrows from a bad break up, or feeling anxious about flying through a metal tube at 36,000 feet, the melting chocolate and oozing caramel along with the satisfying crunch of peanuts mixed in with fluffy nougat is enough for anyone to rationalize that of course it’s entirely worth the sugar crash or extra calories or ruined appetite.

The saying goes that music hath charms that soothe the savage breast, but honestly, is there anything like a Snickers bar? Just ask Mars… around the world, Snickers has grown in popularity by 13%. Is it the campaign that’s working? Could be. You tell us.  Are you considering packing a Snickers or more in your carryon luggage now?


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