Marijuana Smoking Banned at German Railway Stations

Marijuana Smoking Banned at German Railways Stations
Marijuana Smoking Banned at German Railways Stations
Written by Harry Johnson

Smoking cannabis in public is now allowed in Germany, except for specific zones near schools, playgrounds, and sports facilities.

According to the latest local media reports, Germany’s national railway operator, Deutsche Bahn (DB), announced that passengers caught smoking marijuana at German train stations may face a ban from the premises. This new DB regulation was prompted the legalization of recreational marijuana in the country, which includes certain public areas, and will go in effect starting June 1, 2024.

New national law passed in February, permits German residents to have a maximum of 50 grams (1.7 ounces) of marijuana in their private residences. However, in public areas, the limit is reduced to 25 grams. Generally, smoking cannabis is allowed in public, except for specific zones near schools, playgrounds, and sports facilities. In accordance with the current regulations, minors found in possession of marijuana will be required to participate in a drug-abuse prevention program.

The legalization of marijuana was advocated by the government as a means to combat the illicit drug trade. German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach expressed the goal of establishing “a substitute for the underground economy” in February. Subsequently, the legislation was implemented on April 1.

According to a Deutsche Bahn spokesperson, the decision to ban smoking pot in DB train stations was made with the intention of safeguarding the welfare of the general public and ensuring the safety of minors. The spokesperson stressed the importance of protecting passengers, especially children and young adults, and added that the current legislation also forbids the consumption of marijuana in areas designated for pedestrians, as well as in close proximity to schools or playgrounds during daytime hours.

DB official said that Deutsche Bahn security staff will begin notifying passengers next week regarding the forthcoming ban. Additionally, the company intends to use posters at every station to alert individuals about the new regulations, emphasizing that failure to comply may result in penalties, such as being denied access to the premises.

Currently railways employees will only kindly request and advise the travelers to abstain from consuming cannabis up until June 1, when the penalties shall come into effect. Only the medical use of marijuana will be exempt from new rule and will be allowed.

Tobacco products smoking and vaping are also not allowed within the German railway stations. Special designated smoking areas are available in only around 400 railway terminals out of a total of 5,400. The consumption of marijuana will also be prohibited in these areas.

Approximately 20 million railways passengers use Deutsche Bahn train stations on a daily basis.

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