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Morocco Earthquake: A killer with hundreds dead

marrakesh, Morocco Earthquake: A killer with hundreds dead, eTurboNews | eTN

The worst damage is in the Atlas Mountain surrounding Marrakesh, but also this ancient city was attacked. Many Tourists are sleeping outside to be safe.

Mega 6.8 Earthquake Strikes Atlas Mountain – Marrakesh Region of Morocco:

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Eerily quiet most of the night in Marrakesh. The earthquake was scary and I hid in a cupboard. I am just back in my hotel room after spending the night on the street. Will I sleep? Thinking of the beautiful people of the Atlas mountains, where I spent the last few days. This was a tweet by an eTN reader in Marrakesh.

Another eTurboNews Reader from Russia reported from Marrakesh where he was on holiday attending a celebration in a nightclub wrote: We didn’t notice much, but the celebration went on.

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco’s High Atlas mountains on Friday, the death toll has risen to at least 296 people. The powerful tremor not only claimed numerous lives but also caused widespread destruction, reducing buildings to rubble and leaving residents of major cities in a state of panic as they fled their homes. In the aftermath of this catastrophic event, two additional smaller quakes were reported, further adding to the region’s instability. As a precautionary measure, one hotel in Marrakech took swift action, evacuating all of its guests to ensure their safety amidst the ongoing aftershocks.

However, some houses in the tightly packed old city had collapsed and people were working hard by hand to remove debris while they waited for heavy equipment.

The famous city wall, a main tourist center, showed big cracks in one section and parts that had fallen, with rubble lying on the street.

Many buildings in the old town and many building facades were damaged.

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