Six People Killed in Sydney Mall Stabbing Terror Attack

A Closed-Circuit Television still showing the attacker
A Closed-Circuit Television still showing the attacker
Written by Harry Johnson

Police inspector in the vicinity had to fatally shoot the man when he threatened her with a knife.

Six people lost their lives today in a stabbing incident at Westfield Bondi Junction, an eastern suburb of Sydney, Australia, according to the reports from local authorities and media outlets. Prior to this, the New South Wales police verified a “critical incident” occurring after an unidentified man was shot in the vicinity. The police further mentioned that law enforcement rushed to the location upon receiving information about several individuals being stabbed.

According to the statement from the Assistant Commissioner of the New South Wales (NSW) Police, it appears that the lone assailant acted independently, without any accomplices.

The official also informed the media that as he approached the center, he interacted with approximately nine individuals. It was evident that he inflicted harm upon them during the interaction, presumably by using a weapon he had in his possession. The officer mentioned that an inspector in the vicinity attempted to intervene and had to fatally shoot the man when he threatened her with a knife.

New South Wales Ambulance stated that a total of eight individuals have been admitted to the hospital, one of whom is a nine-month-old infant. Subsequently, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the sixth individual who was stabbed tragically succumbed to their injuries while receiving medical care.

The NSW police official refrained from making assumptions about the motive behind the stabbing incident.

The authorities have also identified the attacker as a 40-year-old who was familiar to law enforcement, although not suspected of holding any terrorist ideologies.

The latest attack carries eerie resemblance to the 2019 attack, when a man armed with a knife stabbed a woman in Sydney and tried to attack “multiple people” before he was apprehended. The 2019 attacker was shouting “Allahu Akbar!” as he jumped on the roof of a car at an intersection, before a group of locals subdued and pinned him to the ground.

In light of the latest deadly attack, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed his condolences, emphasizing that the entire nation stands in solidarity with those impacted and their families. He further extended his heartfelt sympathies to those who were injured, while also expressing gratitude towards the first responders and police for their dedicated efforts.


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