Medical Tourism Reinvention by World Tourism Network Indonesia

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The World Tourism Network Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism interest group is on the verge of taking this important and profitable sector of the travel and tourism industry to a brand new never offered level. The WTN Indonesian chapter has been working hard to pioneer a new approach to combine holistic and conventional medicine to be available in luxury resort hotels in special economic zones.

The World Tourism Network, under the leadership of Mudi Astuti, Chairwoman of the WTN Indonesia Chapter, this young global tourism association with 23,000 members in 133 countries has been taking a front-row seat in changing the way medical tourism could work in the future.

It takes an out-of-the-box view and a government with a vision to establish a special economic zone for its unique possibilities, such as Kura Kura Bali. Kura Kura Bali stands as a beacon of innovation and offers a rich mosaic of development opportunities.

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Only in Indonesia, a new approach will be available in hospitals clinics, and resort hotels in special economic zones to support an integrative conventional and nonconventional approach as available options for medical patients to choose from. The fastest-growing part of the global tourism industry is wellness and health.

The new approach in Indonesia is a first in the world.Mudi Astuti says:

“It’s about taking control of our health with three simple steps, as well as offers crucial insights into functional medicine, plant-based proteins, the benefits of vegetables, and the repercussions of low vitamin D levels – all while on vacation in Bali.”

World Tourism Network Indonesia cofounded FIIM, a Functional Integrative Innovative Medicine, initiative.

In the WTN-sponsored meeting, Dr. Demak – secretary general for the Indonesia Oncology Association, Dr Cosphiadi – the chair for the Indonesia Oncology Association attended.

Dr Demak has 30 years of experience in handling cancer specialists from Darmais Hospital.

The WTN-organized meeting was attended only by key stakeholders in Indonesia. World Tourism Network is already reaching out to members for global partnership. Combining holistic and conventional medicine within medical tourism has never been done before.

The meeting was conducted in collaboration with the Indonesia Health Tourism Promotion Board.

It was also discussed how Indonesia can build a quality assurance supervision board to capture the medical tourism segment with international protocols and private access.

World Tourism Network Indonesia wants to find the best partners globally to build and invest in high-end medical and wellness resorts in Indonesian tourist destinations, starting with Bali.

Designated as a special economic zone for its unique possibilities, Kura Kura Bali stands as a beacon of innovation and offers a rich mosaic of development opportunities.

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Medical Tourism Reinvention by World Tourism Network Indonesia

One of the important treatments planned for Kura Kura Bali is Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is a cancer treatment that uses heat to damage and kill cancer cells. It’s also known as thermal or heat therapy. Hyperthermia is often used in combination with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to help shrink tumors and make it easier to kill cancer cells

For projects such as Kura Kura Bali, investors, and developers find fertile ground to cultivate cutting-edge projects and contribute to an enduring legacy that is redefining the essence of community, culture, and sustainability.

Kura Kura Bali will be the future of sustainable development, perfectly harmonized luxurious living, innovative learning, captivating entertainment, and comprehensive wellness – all within a breathtaking natural landscape. At the very heart of Bali, this 500-hectare visionary project offers a unique balance of rich experience, blending cultures, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

The World Tourism Network has been active with its Health, Wellness, and Medical Tourism interest group. Recently Ageless Tourism was introduced which will fit well within this concept in Indonesia.

Also during the ITB trade show in March, the German city of Duesseldorf joined the World Tourism Network. The city has been very active in medical tourism, and this was one of the reasons to join WTN.

Joining the World Tourism Network is only $1. Go to

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