Singapore: A Passionate City for Gnomes and Little Guests


The reuse of discarded material at this Singapore luxury hotel exemplifies the seamless blending of sustainability and aesthetics, showcasing how junk in a hotel can be turned into breathtaking art pieces for gnomes.  The Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay symbolizes a city where passion is made possible.

Drugs and chewing gum remain illegal in Singapore. However, Singapore is seen as one of the cleanest and most orderly cities in Asean, if not the world. This now includes a fascination with gnomes and the best airline in the world, Singapore Airlines.

When staying at the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore, prepare for Gnomes. Rooms for gnomes were chosen to be added to the hotel inventory to make little guests feel happy and welcome.

Gnomes play a symbolic role as guardians of the environment and advocates of sustainability.

These adorable creatures have built their dwellings beneath magnificent oak trees, ensuring minimal disruption to their natural surroundings and embodying the principles of sustainable living.

The gnomes’ natural knack for craftsmanship is evident as they repurpose fallen branches and leaves, skillfully transforming them into delightful homes and furniture.

Moreover, the gnomes extend their environmental dedication beyond their homes by wholeheartedly supporting wildlife conservation. They provide bird feeders and nesting boxes, establishing safe sanctuaries for birds to rest and raise their young.

The Gnome’s Burrow

The Gnome s Burrow PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore | eTurboNews | eTN
The Gnome’s Burrow at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

The Gnome’s Burrow offers guests a chance to explore a delightful underground retreat. The room creates a whimsical atmosphere with its warm, earthy colors, lively murals showcasing gnome adventures, and delightful mushroom decorations. The main attraction is an exciting slide that evokes the experience of traversing a hidden gnome passage.

The Gnome’s Treehouse

The Gnome’s Treehouse is a magical abode nestled amidst the branches of an imaginary tree. Little ones will be captivated by the intricate treehouse design, adorned with leafy motifs, twinkling fairy lights, and charming gnomes’ treetop dwellings. They can let their imaginations soar as they climb, play, and explore this elevated sanctuary’s various nooks and crannies.


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