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Saving small island states from drowning

The Chicago Tribune reported on the melting down of the poles.

Research: Eco-tourists causing “horrendous” pollution in Antarctica

Eco-tourists travelling to Antarctica are adding to global warming which is melting the polar ice caps, new research has found.

New Zealand fears tourism disaster in Antarctica

WELLINGTON — New rules are needed for tourist ships visiting Antarctica to prevent a disaster in the world's most isolated region, according to New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully.

“Penguin cruise” icebreaker freeing itself from ice in Antarctic

MOSCOW — A Russian icebreaker carrying more than 100 tourists, scientists and journalists on an Antarctic cruise has been successfully moving through ice and is just about 100 meters away from clear

Penguin cruise tourists stuck in ice

Eighty British tourists on a journey to watch emperor penguins in the Antarctic have been stranded for a week after their cruise ship got stuck in the ice.

Antarctic cruise tourists lose out as soaring numbers alarm scientists

Tough new restrictions on the number of people visiting Antarctica are to be implemented as the volume of visitors to the White Continent continues to soar.

Clinton calls for stricter Antarctic tourism limits

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for tighter controls over tourism and other forms of pollution in Antarctica Monday, arguing for greater global cooperation to help preserve the continent's e

US wants limits on Antarctic tourism

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is pushing to protect Antarctica's fragile environment by imposing mandatory limits on the size of cruise ships sailing there and the number of passengers they

Ministers get close look at Antarctic ice threat

Troll Research Station, Antarctica – A parka-clad band of environment ministers landed in this remote corner of the icy continent on Monday, in the final days of an intense season of climate researc

Ocean Nova stranding highlights Antarctic cruise safety concerns

Another reminder of the risks of cruising in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments was perched on rocks off the coast of Antarctica earlier today.

Tourists burn a trail to Australian Antarctic outpost

SYDNEY - An isolated Australian outpost in remote Antarctica has become a popular destination for adventure-seeking tourists, as more tour operators put it on their itinerary for more than just resear

Antarctic tourists rescued from ship

Eleven Australians who were among 120 people on board a cruise ship damaged when it hit rock in Antarctica have been safely evacuated to Argentina.

Tourism in Antarctica threatening South Pole environment

Tourism in Antarctica has grown dramatically. In 1985, just a few thousand people visited the area but in the season 2007/2008 more than 40,000 did the same.

Antarctica’s March of the tourists

When the American explorer Richard E. Byrd sat alone in his hut in Antarctica in 1934, half frozen and half poisoned with carbon monoxide, he had an epiphany. Byrd wrote that he and other men of action in the exploration of the poles were risking their lives for no good reason. Byrd survived the ordeal, but his near-death experience diminished him.

Australia-Antarctica air link opens, complete with ice runway

WILKINS RUNWAY, Antarctica (AFP) — A historic passenger jet flight from Australia to Antarctica touched down smoothly on a blue ice runway Friday, launching the only regular airlink between the continents.