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Seychelles Tourism Environmental Sustainability Levy in Effect

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SEYCHELLES - image courtesy of Seychelles Dept. of Tourism
Written by Linda Hohnholz

The Government of Seychelles is introducing the Seychelles’ Tourism Environmental Sustainability Levy, effective August 1, 2023.

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As a leading destination for travelers seeking pristine landscapes and unparalleled natural wonders, Seychelles Government, in its continuous commitment to preserving the breathtaking natural beauty of the archipelago and promoting sustainable tourism, has always strived to maintain the ecological balance and protect its unique environment. To further enhance conservation efforts and secure a sustainable future for the nation’s tourism industry, the Ministry of Finance, National Planning, and Trade has taken a critical step with the introduction of the Seychelles’ Tourism Environmental Sustainability Levy.

The newly introduced levy, charged in Seychelles Rupees on a per person/per night basis, will be applied in-destination and collected directly by the tourism accommodations upon check out. 

In line with our commitment to inclusivity and support for our valued visitors and citizens, certain categories will be exempt from the levy charges. The exemption will be extended to children 12 and Below, as well as staff of airline companies and Seychellois citizens.

The levy will be charged as follows:

1.            SCR 25 – Small tourism accommodations

2.            SCR 75 – Medium-size tourism accommodations

3.            SCR 100 – Large tourism accommodations, yachts, and island resorts.

The primary aim of the Seychelles’ Tourism Environmental Sustainability Levy is to support environmental conservation and rehabilitation initiatives.

By directing the proceeds from this levy towards the environment, Seychelles seeks to further protect and enhance the natural environment that draws thousands of visitors to our shores each year.

Seychelles remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting sustainable tourism practices and preserving the breathtaking natural wonders that make our islands a global gem. The Tourism Department is confident that the Seychelles’ Tourism Environmental Sustainability Levy will serve to further enrich the experiences of all who set foot on our beloved shores.

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