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Norwegian Cruise Line is ready again to make big Money in Maui

, Norwegian Cruise Line is ready again to make big Money in Maui, eTurboNews | eTN

The Maui Community has a wishlist for tourism: Cruise Ships, high spending passengers that are mindful, respectul and return in big numbers.

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Taking a cruise ship to Maui is fun, and big business for cruise companies such as Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). A cruise line usually makes about $1.7 million after expenses on a full run.

Making big money cruising in Hawaii is also good for tourism, but it does not always fully benefit the local community, local businesses, and specifically SMEs directly.

It does generate tax revenue, so Hawaii Governor Green is glad to help lead the return of Norwegian Cruise Line to resume services to Maui after the fires.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority is adding its usual concern about wanting mindful and responsible visitors, and wants everyone to know, that tourism is not a numbers game—or is it?

David J. Herrera, president of Norwegian Cruise Line said in regard to the fire devastation in West Maui: “We temporarily adjusted our itineraries to avoid stressing the destination further, we donated $50,000 to Maui United Way, and together with our partners, we have collected and will be donating over $150,000 in supplies such as food, clothing, and mattresses. “

Today is a good day for Norwegian Cruise Line, as NCL announced its return to Kahului, Maui, with the guidance and encouragement of the Maui community, Hawai‘i State Governor Josh Green, and the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority.

NCL’s Pride of America, which has an 18-year history of cruising the Hawaiian Islands year-round, will recommence its weekly overnight calls to Kahului beginning Sept. 3, 2023. Earlier this month, the cruise line paused its calls to Maui, to avoid stressing local resources due to the devastating wildfires in Lahaina on the island’s west side.

Hawai‘i State Governor Josh Green, M.D., said, “We appreciate the continued partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line and the support it has recently provided to aid the recovery of the residents of Lahaina. While travel to West Maui is restricted to returning residents and emergency responders, we are working with our tourism partners, such as Norwegian Cruise Line, and encouraging them to make a steady return to other areas of the island and throughout the rest of the state.”

“The damaging effects of the recent wildfires on the Lahaina community have been heartbreaking,” said Kalani Ka‘anā‘anā, chief brand officer of the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority. “As recovery efforts are underway, the island of Maui is now more than ever dependent on the return of mindful, respectful visitation, which keeps our residents employed and businesses open. We are encouraging travelers and visitor industry companies, such as Norwegian Cruise Line, to make a responsible return to the island, visiting the many areas that were not impacted by the fires and are welcoming travelers back.”

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