Official Message from Israel: Stay Cool! Iran Attack in Progress

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Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv seems to be closed, airspace above Israel, Jordan and Iraq has been cleared.
Visitors in Israel and Iran should observe a shelter in place recommendation.

Stay cool!- is the message by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the citizens of Israel.

UPDATE 03.00 am Israel time:

While sirens are sounding in Israel, drones are being shut down, and military planes are heard in the Sky, Iran said it had achieved its objectives and indicated the end of this revenge attack.

Even if this were the case, Israel most likely would respond to this attack.

The Iranian UN Mission urged not to escalate the situation more, since Iranian’s objectives were concluded.

According to I24 news reports, the Jordan Air Force had shot down many of these so-called killer drones.

Update 3.10 am Israel time:

An IDF spokesperson told the media more than 200 Iranian drones and missiles attacked Israel so far. He said Israel is working at maximum capacity with its allies and in full force to prevent such attacks and is ready to defend the State of Israel by any means.

Ongoing and Earlier:

According to news and social media reports, Iran has initiated a drone attack on Israel. The world is on high alert. It could impact commodity values in both directions.

Hundreds of deadly drones are on their way from Iran to attack Israel. This is based on a summary of reports coming from Israel and Iran. US President Biden interrupted his weekend activities.

Such drones can travel 185 km an hour and reach Israel within hours.

The Houthi Group

The Houthi group in Yemen also launched drones, according to reports by Al Jazeera. The UK and the US are attacking Houthi groups in Yemen at the same time as other messages on social media from Yemen.

The PM continued to say Israel is ready to defend itself from any threat. Schools will be closed in Israel for the next three days.

This is apparently in response to an attack by Israel on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria. The consulate destroyed was next to the embassy building.

“Any country that opens its airspace or territory to Israel to attack Iran will receive a strong response from us.” the Iranian Defense Minister.

Iran also warned the United States not to get involved and indicated US military bases in the region could be attacked otherwise.

Ben Gurion International Airport Tel Aviv

Flights at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv appear to be canceled. Authorities confirmed the airport is temporarily closed at this time.

Jordan & Iraq Air Space

The same applies to Amman, Jordan. Passengers are being turned away. The domestic airport in Teheran is closed until 6 a.m. tomorrow.

Current Safe Airspace around the region

Looking at flights operating in the region, the airspace over Jordan is cleared and closed, and Iraq seems to have closed its airspace.

Flights east of Teheran normally overfly the Islamic Republic, with most international aircraft seen in the sky.

Qatar Airways is taking off in Beirut, and many Qatar Airways planes are seen over the Eastern Mediterranean. The airspace above Northern Saudi Arabia is busy, with most international carriers finding safe airspace around Israel, Jordan, and Iraq.

The response could be significant

According to news reports in Iran and from Al Jazeera, the response in progress by the Islamic Republic of Iran against Israel could be significant.

According to Iranian Press TV, drones appear to carry ballistic missiles.

Suppose no cruise missiles or ballistic missiles are used. In that case, this response may be more symbolic, but if cruise missiles or ballistic missiles are involved, or this is a series of attacks, it may open the doors to a broader conflict and a direct attack by Israel on Iran.

What is a ballistic missile?

ballistic missile (BM) is a type of missile that uses projectile motion to deliver warheads to a target. These weapons are powered only during relatively brief periods—most of the flight is unpowered. Short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM) typically stay within the Earth’s atmosphere, while most larger missiles are exo-atmospheric. The largest ICBMs are capable of full orbital flight. These weapons are distinct from cruise missiles, aerodynamically guided in powered flight, and thus restricted to the atmosphere.

Sources recommended to follow the situation from different perspectives

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