International Aviation Meets in the Corner of Heaven: Moldova

A small country with a big heart.

  Moldova is a small European Country with A Big Heart. It’s an absolute novelty for the Republic of Moldova and its Chisinau International Airport to host a world-class event:“ The RMOAviation Event 2024”.

Chisinau International Airport and Aviation-Event announces the “RMO 2024 Conference”, scheduled for May 30, 2024, in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. 

The inaugural Aviation-Event 2024 RMO in Chisinau, Moldova, will bring together worldwide civil aviation professionals and experts to address the most pressing issues facing the industry and chart a course for the future of air travel.

The event will have a substantial effect on civil aviation of the Republic of Moldova and will bring together in Chisinau over 150 participants, international leaders and experts of the civil aviation industry, airlines, and airport CEOs from all over Europe.

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International Aviation Meets in the Corner of Heaven: Moldova

The main topics and panel discussions will focus on Moldovan aviation on its way to the EU and beyond – building a strong aviation industry in Eastern Europe, updates on Ukrainian aviation and the effects on aviation in Eastern Europe, and the role of tourism and communication in creating a competitive environment.

Being one of the world’s most anticipated conferences of the year, “Aviation-Event 2024 RMO” will gather industry leaders, experts, and influential speakers to explore the most recent trends, challenges, and opportunities the global aviation sector faces nowadays.

HE Maia Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova, will participate.

The main topics will focus on Moldovan aviation on its path to the EU and beyond. The event will discuss regulatory compliance and standards, low-cost carriers’ role in central and eastern Europe, and other regional aviation challenges. 

The conference aims to bring together the leaders of the European aviation industry, for a series of debates, interviews, and valuable networking. RMO 2024 is a unique development opportunity in the aviation sector, which will bring together key representatives and speakers.

Chisinau International Airport is a member of the Airport Council International, Archie Europe, and the Romanian Airport Association.

The three-letter code of Chisinau International Airport has been recently changed from Kev to RMO.  RMOO meets all international safety and security standards.

The convenient geographical position and excellent infrastructure of the airport are a perfect starting point.

This event will provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn about the Republic of Moldova through its people and its world-famous sense of hospitality.

Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe bordering Romania and Ukraine with a rich tourist potential. The country is also known as the “Corner of Heaven” 

Situated at the intersection of the principal commercial roads of Eurasia, the Republic of Moldova represents a genuine hub that brings together the experience, continuity, and diversity of generations that have shaped the present and influenced the future. 

Moldova is famous for unique underground cities such as Cricova and Milestii Mici.

While Cricova represents the largest underground complex known in the world for its immense labyrinths with 120 kilometers of overall galleries’ length, Milestii Mici boasts of the biggest wine collection in the world which consists of more than 1,5 million wine bottles which entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2005 

The country is proud of its picturesque landscapes, historical places, churches, monasteries, and fortresses.

Moldovia is also proud of being one of the most important wine-growing states in the world. There are around 200 local wineries in Moldovia.

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