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For Some, Travel Never Ends

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Live on an All-inclusive Cruise Ship

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Your affluent and avid travel clients could live on board a floating community of like-minded cruisers, working and educating their children remotely – a three-year field trip as MV Narrative Circumnavigates around the world.

Storylines are attracting a live-aboard community of like-minded residents interested in pursuing a healthy and active life of adventure and freedom.

MV Narrative is made up of more than 500 private rooms and apartments, which will be home to around 1,000 residents who will live on board more or less permanently.

The MV Narrative is now under construction in Split, Croatia, where it will set sail in 2025.

While the MV Narrative’s units are still pricey — at around $1 million to $8 million for a life-of-vessel lease —it launched fractional ownership options in November, with a 25% share starting at around $600,000, allowing residents to stay on board for three months a year.

“All-inclusive living fees” come on top of the purchase price, starting at around $2,100 per person per month, covering things like food and drinks from the ship’s restaurants and bars, laundry, fitness classes, and medical checkups.

Residents will also be able to rent out their units if they are not on board — regardless of whether they are full or part owners. A studio apartment could generate around $4,500 a month, according to a calculator on the Storylines website.

I am initiating discussions with Storylines’ Executive Vice President of Operations, Katie Drew Jensen, in the hopes of paying travel sellers referral fees, specifically travel professionals, including Certified Travel Counselors from the Travel Institute, ASTA, and IATAN. 

I’ll be advocating on behalf of USA Travel Sellers by asking Storylines to provide training, seminars, and finalization visits while MV Narrative is in USA ports of call, along with certificates of completion, to participants’ travel sellers.

We, the community of travel sellers, are exceptionally knowledgeable about qualifying our high-end customers and have the opportunity to refer them to Storylines.

Let’s continue to seek revenue-generating opportunities that offer unique benefits for travelers, and we shall be rewarded.

SOURCE & AUTHOR: Tharwat Abouraya, CTIE, TRAVEL BUSINESS CPR , Abouraya Consulting Group Company-USA +1-202-595-4866

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