DiDi is an official Olympic Torchbearer for the Rio Olympics


Coca Cola, the global partner for the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay, announced that Jean Liu, President of DiDi Chuxing (“DiDi” and formerly Didi Kuaidi), was elected as one of the official Olympic Torchbearers through a popular vote organized by Coca Cola. A face of the young and modern China, she will represent her country when carrying the flame along the Iguacu route.

Being elected as a Torchbearer makes Liu part of the Olympic family. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, which I see as an encouragement for both DiDi and myself,” said Jean Liu. “We strongly believe that technology will make the world a better place; but only with great perseverance, resilience and courage, exactly what the Olympic spirit calls for.”

The Olympic flame for Rio 2016 arrived in Brasilia on May 3, when the official Torch Relay within the host country began. At the end of June, Jean will join the other 8 Olympic Torchbearers in the relay at Iguazu, including the renowned pianist Lang Lang and Jiang Yiyan, actor and philanthropist. The Torch arrives at Rio de Janeiro on August 4, 2016.

Jean joined DiDi in July 2014 from her previous position as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs (Asia). In the same year, Jean was named one of China’s Top Business Women by Forbes, and one of China’s 25 Most Influential Business Women by Fortune. Jean had a Bachelor’s Degree from Peking University and a Master’s Degree from Harvard University, both in Computer Science.

*Note: DiDi Chuxing (formerly Didi Kuaidi) is the world’s largest comprehensive one-stop mobile transportation platform, offering a full range of technology-based options for 300 million users across 400 Chinese cities. 1.43 billion rides were completed on DiDi’s platform in 2015, with statistics showing DiDi holds over 87% of the private car service market and over 99% of the taxi hailing service market in China.