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Turismo de Tenerife: Wildfire Situation is Getting Better

, Turismo de Tenerife: Wildfire Situation is Getting Better, eTurboNews | eTN
Turismo de Tenerife: Wildfire Situation is Getting Better
Harry Johnson
Written by Harry Johnson

The island is an entirely safe destination at this time for local residents and tourists who are currently here or planning to come.

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Efforts to combat the wildfire that has been burning in Tenerife over the last few days took a turn for the better last night and has enabled an improved outlook for today, albeit without underplaying the seriousness of the current situation. Fire-fighters have successfully moved the flames away from the wildland-urban area boundary zone and a decision will be taken in the coming hours regarding whether to allow certain residents of La Esperanza, El Rosario and Arafo to return home.

A total of 610 people continue to fight the fire (275 fire-fighters, 115 security officers, 40 logistics officers, 20 coordinators and 160 volunteers) and the 22 units combating the flames from the air will focus their efforts today on the most compromised parts of the island.

According to reports from the Regional Government of the Canary Islands, the fire has now affected 13,383 hectares in 12 municipalities: Arafo, Candelaria, Güímar, Fasnia, El Rosario, La Orotava, Santa Úrsula, La Victoria, La Matanza, El Sauzal, Tacoronte and Los Realejos.

Road access routes into the mountains remain closed, specifically those leading to the Teide National Park from the north and south of the island. The population is also being asked to stay away from the perimeter of the fire in order not to hinder or distract the work being done by professional fire-fighters.

The regional government has stated that the air quality index is poor in those municipalities closest to the fire, although this varies depending on wind direction so we are advising people to follow the recommendations issued by the authorities at any given time. Air quality is very poor in areas close to the fire in Los Realejos, La Orotava and Arafo, where the use of FFP2 face masks is recommended.

In the areas closest to the fire and in order to protect the most vulnerable and high-risk groups, we recommend not staying outside for extended periods of time, to close your doors and windows, and to wear FFP2 face masks if necessary.

Meanwhile, the situation remains entirely normal in all major cities and tourist destinations on the island. The local population and tourists continue to go about daily life without incident, both in the Metropolitan Area (including Santa Cruz and La Laguna) and in Arona or Adeje, including Santiago del Teide, Guía de Isora, San Miguel de Abona and Puerto de la Cruz. As a result, the island is an entirely safe destination at this time for both local residents and those tourists who are currently here or planning to come.

All port and airport operations are continuing without any issues and have recorded no cancellations due to the fire. Road traffic around the island is also unaffected, except for the road closures on access routes into the mountainous area.

We would like to highlight and express our gratitude for the exemplary conduct of both local residents and the more than 130,000 tourists on average who have been spending their time recently on an island with 931,626 inhabitants and who have followed the instructions issued by the authorities at all times.

The outstanding work by fire-fighters and the operation launched by the authorities have made it possible to report zero personal injuries as a result of the fire. The Island Council of Tenerife, the Regional Government of the Canary Islands and the Government of Spain have been fully coordinated throughout this situation. This has led to the safety of everybody in Tenerife being guaranteed thanks to the strict safety plan implemented by the authorities.

At any event and provided the situation remains unchanged, we are calling for extreme precautions and ask that you follow these safety recommendations and stay informed about the development of this fire using the channels for official communication from the Regional Government of the Canary Islands and the Island Council of Tenerife.

A telephone number for the Network of Tourist Information Centres on the island has also been set up to answer any questions from visitors in Spanish and English: (+34) 922 255

433. This service will be available between 09:00 and 20:30 (local time).

Turismo de Tenerife would like to reiterate our recognition of and gratitude for the commendable efforts being made by the fire-fighting team, as well as the exemplary conduct from the population and tourists at this difficult time.

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Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson has been the assignment editor for eTurboNews for mroe than 20 years. He lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is originally from Europe. He enjoys writing and covering the news.

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