Mallorca Tourist Restaurant: 4 dead, 27 injured

Palma restaurant

Medusa Beach Club is a popular restaurant and nightclub at Playa de Palma on the Spanish Balearic Island of Mallorca. 4 dead and 27 injured is the result after this busy establishment collapsed Thursday night.

Mallorca is one of the most known holiday destinations in Spain and is loved among German, British, and also US visitors since United Airlines started non-stop flights from Newark.

Tourists frequent the establishment, and for four of them, including a staff member of the Black Magic disco, dining at Medusa Beach Club tonight became deadly.

27 people were injured, 4 died on Thursday night at the Mallorca restaurant, including a waitress and the manager.

First responders are still at the scene, and so far it’s unclear why the building collapsed at this busy restaurant.

A German TV star told a local paper that a friend was killed while eating at the club. He added the gym next door is known for its frequent fights, but this restaurant was well-known and peaceful.

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