How to plan a luxury holiday in Ibiza

Written by Rosita Latorraca

Ibiza is a Mediterranean pearl with a truly charming atmosphere and endless summer. Every year, it welcomes many visitors interested in having fun, relaxing on the white sandy beaches and partying 24 hours a day. Ibiza, however, can also be a perfect destination for those seeking a luxury holiday.

Depending on your budget, you can plan a holiday full of glitz and comfort. The easiest way to go on a luxurious holiday is to do so with a private jet to Ibiza. This way, you can get to the island in comfort, without having to stick to the schedule of scheduled planes, show up hours earlier at the airport, and face the crowds.

Travelling by private jet

As mentioned above, the first tip for a luxury holiday in Ibiza is to book a private jet, an aircraft that can reach the island in just over two hours from London. This option offers numerous benefits, such as avoiding the stress of commercial airports.

In fact, with a private jet to Ibiza, there are no long waits, no queues at check-in or baggage claim, no risk of last-minute cancellations, overbooking, etc. Furthermore, flights on private jets are customized to suit every need, guaranteeing comfort and privacy during the journey.

Taste local dishes in a fancy restaurant

A first suggestion on what to do after getting off your private jet to Ibiza is to sample the local delicacies in the island’s finest restaurants, where you might even run into some celebrities. Dishes to enjoy include fish stew topped with potatoes; seafood paella and other dishes prepared with fresh local fish.

Equally popular are desserts, such as flaò (cake enriched with cream cheese), puff pastry and almond madeleines and Greixonera Ibicenca, made with bread, milk, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon.

Stay in luxury hotels or villas

To spend a luxury holiday on the island, you also have to think about where to stay. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a luxury resort, with every service included such as a spa, swimming pool and breathtaking views.

Those who do not like hotels and are looking for a more private accommodation without having to give up the luxury of the best hotels on the island can opt for private villas. On the island, it is possible to stay in huge dream villas with every comfort.

Rent a boat or buggy

For lovers of the sea who want to experience a luxurious holiday, it might be a good idea to rent a boat so that you can admire the beauty of the island from the open sea.

BY renting a boat with the right size also makes it possible to organise exclusive parties on board or to head out to sea to dive for a magnificent experience.

Land lovers, on the other hand, can have fun by renting a buggy or a quad bike to go on nature excursions with friends. On the island, it is also possible to go on guided excursions and admire the beauty along the way.

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