Thailand launches the World’s First-of-its-kind “Pink Plus” Economy

Pink economy
Written by Linda Hohnholz spearheads a brand-new DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) focused ecosystem to support LGBTQIA communities in living, family planning and retiring in Thailand with the support of Thailand Privilege, a state-owned enterprise dedicated to providing long-stay visas. is leading the evolution and transformation of the “Pink” economy into the “Pink Plus” economy with new developments in inclusive medical tourism, retirement living, family planning support, pink tech incubation, and pink film virtual production in Thailand.

With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage and upcoming policies to support LGBTQIA family planning in Thailand, the Kingdom is poised to become an important hub for global DE&I initiatives. Thailand is positioned to support more than 200 million LGBTQIA individuals within its proximity to wed, live, play, innovate, plan a family and retire in the country., supported by Thailand Privilege, will offer a series of “Pink Plus” membership packages with multi-merchant offerings including a Thailand Privilege card, a state-of-the-art immersive telemedicine platform with renowned medical experts, shopping vouchers, retirement living programs, pink tech innovation workshops, family wellness support, dedicated financial planning services, home buying/leasing support and exclusive resort staycations which will be rolled out for distribution via global resellers. logo

“We are very excited to be part of the journey of how Thailand transforms itself to be a global DE&I hub. Living in Thailand can now come with inclusive lifestyle, wellness and innovation,” says Mr Manatase Annawat, President of Thailand Privilege welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises from around the world to join the global reseller network to distribute the unique “Pink Plus” membership packages. Interested resellers can apply to undertake a training course at The successful trainee who passes the training and DE&I assessment will be awarded a certificate of attendance which will entitle him/her the right to distribute selected “Pink Plus” packages by the assessment scores.

Pink Innovation

As part of the effort to catalyze the pink innovation in Thailand, has commenced calling for inclusive ideas in health tech, artificial intelligence, fintech, retirement living concepts, film making and new business ideas as part of Thailand’s transformation into a DE&I hub. A DE&I-focused venue is already set up in the heritage precinct, Yaowarat, in Bangkok as a “Pink Incubator” to support, mentor, and network inclusive startups.

A high-tech call center with a soundproof concierge suite is also established in the heart of the trendiest precinct, Thonglor, in cosmopolitan Bangkok to serve the “Pink Plus” members.

In addition, will also be launching an AI-enabled avatar to serve clients’ inquiries in different languages.

Potential merchants and resellers of the “Pink Plus” package who would like to know more about the opportunities in the “Pink Plus” economy can soon chat via this avatar without any language barriers.

DEI-focused investors, social impact NGOs, and corporations in the US will soon be able to work with which has pioneered Thailand’s first-of-its-kind DEI-focused “Pink Plus” economy with the support of Thailand Privilege.

Thailand Privilege

Thailand Privilege is a state-owned company dedicated to providing long-stay visas for expats in the Kingdom. has already established an inclusive “pink” incubator and accelerator in the heart of Bangkok to work with US tech startups or technology companies to develop DEI-focused “pink” tech and AI to serve more than 250 million LGBTQIAs in Asia, making it one of the largest DE focused social impact initiative in the world.

In addition to “pink” tech, has begun calling for ideas in preparation for a pipeline of cross-border collaboration in “pink” health & wellness, “pink” tourism & hospitality, “pink” film, and more.

Pink Plus Economy Impact for the US

Dr. Wayne Ho, one of the founding stakeholders of and adjunct clinical assistant professor at the University of Southern California, said: 

To foster deeper collaboration, LGBTQIAs in the US can soon enjoy different “Pink Plus” membership packages offered by, allowing them to live, innovate and even retire in Thailand. Thailand has recently legalized same-sex marriage and has commenced to prepare its policies to support LGBTQIA family planning in the Kingdom. 

Pink Plus Membership Package

The “Pink Plus” membership packages will be marketed by a network of DE&I advocates in the US. Leaders of DE&I-focused enterprises or entrepreneurs interested to represent and offer the various “Pink Plus” membership packages can apply for reseller training in Bangkok via

Successful trainees will be awarded the right to distribute a strategic suite of “Pink Plus” membership packages. An AI-enabled avatar with the ability to speak different languages, including English and Spanish, is under development to support successful trainees in the dissemination of information on the “Pink Plus” packages in their website or social media.

What is is a dedicated DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusivity) platform focused on providing knowledge, content, services and products in health & wellness, lifestyle, hospitality, retirement living, tourism, innovation and media space to LGBTQIA communities around the world to herald a new “Pink Plus” economy. For more information, visit

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