Lufthansa to Upgrade Cabins of 38 A320s

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Lufthansa intends to update the interiors of certain short and medium-haul airplanes, implementing various modifications.

Starting in the spring of 2025, Lufthansa plans to introduce fresh cabins on 38 Airbus A320 planes. These aircraft are currently in operation, and the upgrades will include what Lufthansa describes as “an innovative new cabin.”

Lufthansa’s upcoming cabin upgrades for its Airbus A320 aircraft will include larger overhead bins that can hold twice as many carry-on bags, USB ports at every seat (already available on some newer narrow-body aircraft), tablet and smartphone holders at each seat (first time ever in Lufthansa), and seats with increased legroom due to ergonomic backrest shaping. However, Lufthansa has not yet released images of these new cabins.

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