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Italy and Albania are Like Twins in Tourism

, Italy and Albania  are Like Twins in Tourism, eTurboNews | eTN
Albania Travel and Tourism

Albania and Italy will cooperate in tourism and investments, according to the Hon Italian tourism Minister, Daniela Santanche.

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Italian Tourism Minster Daniela Santanche recently visited Albania to talk to her counterpart the Hon. Mirela Kumbaro Furxhi.

They met together with the Italian ambassador Fabrizio Bucci and the CEO of Enit or Marine Tourism Italy, Ivanca Jelinc.

At the center of the discussion was Italy’s goal of a broader strategy to renew and strengthen its involvement in specific economic sectors of the Balkan region.

Specifically, the two Ministers agreed on collaboration in joint tourism promotions and providing enhanced opportunities for Italian tour operators residing in Albania.

 “I am proud to be the first Italian tourism minister who visit Albania, a nation with which we have always had extraordinary relations,” said Minister Santanchè.

 “I am pleased that right from the start there was a feeling of closeness with my Albanian counterpart said Santanchè. We are both pragmatic women.

They agreed on a fundamental aspect that you will win if you have the ability to stay together.

 “Albania represents an important opportunity, both in terms of geographical proximity and also in cultural and linguistic ties, both crucial and strategic elements in which to invest,” said Minister Santanchè.

An opportunity discussed was Rome’s candidacy to host Expo 2030. Obviously, Italy was hoping for Albania’s vote.

During the meeting between Santanchè and Kumbaro, possible forms of collaboration were also examined in the broader framework of cooperation in the Balkan area and in the Adriatic-Ionian region.

European Union opportunities, starting from possible collaborations in the field of major sporting events and sustainable tourism, and evaluating the possibility of setting up a ministerial tourism round table on the Italy-Balkan collaboration and investment were discussed.

“We have laid the foundations agreements also aimed at developing a relationship that goes beyond Albania” added Minister Kumbaro in this regard.

“Albania is located at the crossroads between Italy and the Balkans. It is the nation that best knows both Italy and the Balkan nations. Both ministers agreed Albania and Italy can play a key role of cultural and economic intermediary”.

“Together we will work on an MOU to collaborate”, added Minister Santanchè.

“The tourism models of Italy and Albania are complementary, and, for our part, we can provide a valid contribution in terms of training, investment strategies in inland areas, and guidelines in terms of sustainability of tourist destinations. Furthermore, our compatriots and the many Italian tourist companies can find in Albania a very interesting area for business growth”.

In this regard, following the meeting with the Albanian Minister of Tourism, Minister Santanchè met the managers of an Italian company ‘Fabio Mazzeo Architects’, which won the contract for the renovation of the new InterContinental Hotel in Albania’s capital city of Tirana.

 “This is a clear example of concrete investment and development opportunities that Albania has to offer to Italian entrepreneurs” commented Minister Santanchè.

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