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Typhoon Saola Causing Flight Cancellations in Hong Kong

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Due to the arrival of Typhoon Saola, the following Hong Kong Airlines flights will be cancelled:

DateFlight No.RouteStatus
1 SeptemberHX128Hong Kong to HangzhouCancelled
HX161Hong Kong to Sanya
HX162Sanya to Hong Kong
HX216  Hong Kong to Nanjing
HX217Nanjing to Hong Kong
HX234Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong
HX247Shanghai Pudong to Hong Kong
HX282Hong Kong to Taipei
HX283Taipei to Hong Kong
HX399Beijing Daxing to Hong Kong
HX607Tokyo to Hong Kong
HX609Tokyo to Hong Kong
HX613Osaka to Hong Kong
HX658Hong Kong to Okinawa
HX659Okinawa to Hong Kong
HX679Okinawa to Hong Kong
HX761Hong Kong to Bangkok
HX765Hong Kong to Bangkok
HX766Bangkok to Hong Kong
HX772Bangkok to Hong Kong
HX776Bangkok to Hong Kong
DateFlight No.RouteStatus
          2 SeptemberHX112Hong Kong to Hangzhou          Cancelled
HX113Hangzhou to Hong Kong
HX129Hangzhou to Hong Kong
HX236Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong
HX237Shanghai Pudong to Hong Kong
HX398Hong Kong to Beijing Daxing
HX606Hong Kong to Tokyo
HX608Hong Kong to Tokyo
HX616Hong Kong to Osaka
HX676Hong Kong to Okinawa
HX775Hong Kong to Bangkok

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