Saudi Embarks on Discovery Journey in China

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A Saudi Tourism Exhibition opened up at The Shanghai Bund and afterwards Saudi Experience Films were released to give Chinese tourists a deeper understanding of the country’s culture, history, and tourism options.

The “Charting New Frontiers” campaign from Saudi has become its largest travel promotion effort in China, first launching on Saudi Tourism News.

The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) recently launched the “Embark on a Journey of Discovery to Saudi” battle in the Shanghai Bund Waterfront area, making it the greatest incorporated travel effort in China. Jin Lei, the Deputy Director General of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, and Alhasan Aldabbagh, President of APAC Markets, were both at the function.

The Chinese were welcomed to probe into the vibrant and extensive sightseeing attractions of Saudi. The endeavor represents the most massive joined-together travel initiative kicked-off by Saudi in China, commencing with a seven-day Saudi Tourism Exhibit on the Shanghai Bund waterfront from November 5 to November 23.

Visitors had the opportunity to experience the mystical aspects of Saudi through immersive backstage treats, fascinating tales, and live shows.

To promote it further, a range of videos about the Saudi experience have been broadcasted on national television and a variety of digital Chinese websites such as Ctrip, Huawei, Mafengwo, and Tencent. They were able to connect with more than half a billion Chinese citizens. These movies showcase all the exciting experiences that Chinese tourists can expect when they go to Saudi Arabia, and can be found on the VisitSaudi website. Here, one may take an adventure and explore Saudi with a “Light Show Across the Huangpu River” and discover the incredible sights and sounds of the country through CN’s website and STA’s social media channel.

As of November 17, visitors have been able to explore destinations virtually through experiencing videos. This includes taking in traditional Bedouin tents with caravans and stargazing; seeing historic sites such as Diriyah, Al Masmak Fortress, and Souk Al Zel; learning how to craft Arabian scents; taking a hot-air balloon flight over AlUla; touring around via a vintage Land Rover; and snorkeling in the Red Sea.

Tutorials in Mandarin are also available, teaching visitors about Saudi culture, common gestures, what to wear, how to connect to the Internet at the airport, and more.

This Saudi Marketing campaign provides visuals to support Chinese tourists in trip planning for the region. It is designed to help those unfamiliar with the area do so with comfort and ease. Fahd Hamidaddin, the Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Tourism Authority, declared.


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