ICBEC: Global Environmental Corporate Responsibilities Made Easy

Blaskovic Damir | eTurboNews | eTN

The Ocean Alliance (OACM) is launching its own International Chamber of Blue Economy Commerce (ICBEC) to help businesses and alliances with their Environmental Corporate Responsibilities (ECR), bringing a dream team of devoted experts to the table.

The Ocean Alliance Green Corporate Business & Trade Alliance is the next step in an evolution by developing new economic, environmental and social directives that can withstand and battle today’s environmental threats and climate.

The Green Corporate Business & Trade Alliance unites global corporations to integrate the Ocean Alliance White Flag Certified Safe Marine Areas with sustainable corporate environmental preservation practices as part of companies practicing a required level of Environmental Corporate Responsibility.

A White Flag Certified Safe Marine Area (CSMA) is a body of coastal waters that has been physically cleaned of plastic and other marine debris.

The Green Corporate Business & Trade Alliance will help the corporate sector bridge different policies based on how countries can easily communicate and implement them.

The future of the Economy will rely on the environment. Iur team within the ICBEC.Group is working hard to innovate synergies among key stakeholders and promoting the exchange of knowledge among actors and change-makers with the objective of contributing to the promotion of the green corporate practices. We aim to make innovation a key pillar of the sustainable development of new ECR policies.

Mr Blaskovic Damir, CEO for Global Development and Strategic Partnersh (feature photo)

All of this sounds complex, but it is easy and has the people behind it who can make it happen.

Franka Veza | eTurboNews | eTN

The ICBEC Initiative unites the corporate sector behind a common vision in motivating to  address the root causes of plastic pollution. We will  enable businesses, governments and other  stakeholders to lead by example in the shift towards a circular economy of plastics.

Ms Franka Veza,  OACM CEO
Basheer Kilani | eTurboNews | eTN

CEO Middle East :

The ICBEC cooperation dedicates itself to meet the specific needs of Ocean Alliance (OACM) Member States and supports them in their efforts to develop and promote green corporate practices as an engine for socio-economic growth and poverty alleviation through the creation of employment.

Mr Basheer Kilani

Developing new future green corporate practices is financially demanding and time-consuming. Many corporations cannot afford or do not have the necessary human resources to implement.

Due to the lack of necessary resources and capacity within the corporate sector, the OACM’s research and development department, with human resources from the corporate, government, and science communities, has acquired the necessary expertise and capacity for this task.

OACM’s goal is to merge the economy and environment into one segment to create concrete corporate practices and green sustainability models for the corporate or government sector.

The new International Chamber of Blue Economy Commerce (ICBEC) supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the public and private sectors.

The UNSDGs are essential to the global guide for sustainable corporate development, providing strategies and directions that could help address climate change and pollution threats.

OACM, in developing a Sustainable Ocean Solutions Conservancy Program, the SOS CP system, plus having financially sustainable tools for governments and the corporate sector, has aligned its system with more than 8 of the UN Goals.

This system has already positively impacted the understanding of the weaknesses of the UN SDGs and why they are not integrated more rapidly on a global scale.

The International Chamber of Blue Economy Commerce eliminates corporate greenwashing policies.

ICBEC: Global Environmental Corporate Responsibilities Made Easy

ICBEC, the International Chamber of Blue Economy Commerce, is a significant step in reaching out to global corporations, so they can explore the enormous potential by creating new sustainable policies that can have a positive environmental impact on our planet. ICEBC policies are long-term, financially sustainable, and can generate stronger and more resilient development directives for the corporate sector. They also play an important role in the conservation of natural resources.”

Mr Nedzad Alic, CEO of ICBEC


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