Manchester United and VisitMalta Successfully Launch “Malta Day”

Malta 1 VisitMalta Sponsored Match at Old Trafford Manchester image courtesy of @VisitMalta | eTurboNews | eTN
VisitMalta Sponsored Match at Old Trafford, Manchester - image courtesy of @VisitMalta

VisitMalta, in collaboration with Manchester United, is pleased to announce the success of the first edition of the “Malta Day.”

The promotional campaign partnership between Manchester United and VisitMalta has proved to be advantageous yet again, with the two entities working in tandem to create a campaign that resonates with the target audience.

The advertising campaign was launched on April 5, 2023, coinciding with the Manchester United vs Brentford match at Old Trafford. The VisitMalta brand was prominently showcased through various marketing initiatives in and around Old Trafford, as well as in the bustling city center itself.

The buzz around Old Trafford on match days is undeniable, with a large number of supporters flocking to the stadium. On average, footfall in the area reaches between 80,000 and 100,000 supporters. It was during one of these match days that the VisitMalta advertising campaign made its mark. The campaign featured two massive stadium-side banners, which prominently displayed the VisitMalta brand, capturing the attention of fans and visitors alike. In addition, numerous perimeter advertising banners were strategically placed around the stadium entrance to maximize exposure. QR codes were incorporated into these banners, directing users to the VisitMalta website. The Manchester United Mega Store also incorporated advertising for the brand within the store, including leaflets promoting Malta as a travel destination in shopping bags given to supporters who made purchases. With an average daily visitor count of approximately 30,000 on match days, this approach is sure to make an impact.

Several activations were implemented inside the stadium to promote the brand, including the collaboration between a Maltese Chef Thomas Stellini and Manchester United Executive Chef, James Tagg, who served Maltese food in the hospitality suites. Popular Maltese drinks such as CISK and Kinnie were also served. The hospitality suites saw an impressive number of visitors, with an estimated 10,000 supporters attending. To further promote the VisitMalta brand, flyers were placed on tables in the hospitality dining areas. These flyers provided information on the brand and directed users to the VisitMalta website.

In addition to the activations inside the stadium, VisitMalta made sure to maximize its exposure to the wider audience by displaying its digital advertisements on the pitch-side digiboards. With a total of 75,000 people attending the match, these pitch-side digiboards were an effective way to reach a large and diverse audience. Furthermore, their impact was amplified by the fact that they were televised globally to millions of viewers.

To maximize its promotional reach, VisitMalta implemented marketing activations not just within Old Trafford but also in its immediate surroundings.

Hotel Football, which is located in close proximity to the ground, displayed various rotating VisitMalta video adverts on two of its gigantic screens. This provided an additional opportunity for VisitMalta to showcase its brand to football fans before and after the match in high-traffic areas. The Maltese Islands were also promoted on a large Digital Out-of-Home screen located by the M17 1AB motorway, Europe’s second biggest Digital Out-of-Home screen. Advertising on this screen will continue until April 9th, 2023.

To broaden VisitMalta’s reach, advertising efforts were extended beyond Old Trafford and into Manchester city center. This was accomplished by implementing Digital Out of Home Advertising on 40 high-definition LCD screens across 20 different city center locations in the Manchester Screens Network. This advertising campaign will continue until April 9, 2023, and is expected to reach a total of 1 million pedestrians, promoting Malta as a travel destination.

“Malta being the official destination partner of Manchester United is leading to Malta obtaining visibility and marketing coordination on an unprecedented level, not just in Europe but in other markets such as America, Asia and the Middle East. This marketing is being done on television, digital media and social media and it is reaching hundreds of millions of followers around the world. It is also helping in establishing Malta as a hub of excellence for sports tourism, a tourism niche which in 2023 is expected to continue assisting in the revitalization of the tourism sector,” outlined Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo.

“We are thrilled with the success of the ‘Malta Day’ promotional campaign, where we adopted a 360-degree approach incorporating DOOH, Print, Online and TV Exposure. This has been a fantastic collaboration between Manchester United and VisitMalta,” said the Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Tourism Authority, Mr. Carlo Micallef. “Our partnership has proven to be a winning combination, and we are proud of the work we have done together to promote Malta as a travel destination to Manchester United’s fan base of over 1 billion supporters worldwide.”

Denis Irwin, the Manchester United Legend, added, “Here we are at Old Trafford. Big game against Brentford, sponsored by Visit Malta. I have just been in one of the Ambassador’s Lounges, and we have some very nice Maltese food, and some CISK lager because it is a Maltese day here, today. We will be going to enjoy it, and hopefully the results will be fantastic for us because this game we need to win. So once again, VisitMalta, thanks for supporting us’.

The success of the “Malta Day” promotional campaign is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the VisitMalta and Manchester United teams. The campaign celebrated all things Malta and showcased the island as a top travel destination. VisitMalta is looking forward to continuing its partnership with Manchester United to showcase the beauty and wonder of Malta to their fan base.

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