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Emergency Alert for Athens: Evacuate now from Palini

, Emergency Alert for Athens: Evacuate now from Palini, eTurboNews | eTN

Wildfires in Greece North of the Capital City Athens are raging out of control, prompting evacuations and emergency alerts.

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The fires in Athens are getting more extensive today. The main motorway to Athens airport is closed. Wildfires are clearly visible from Athens International Airport. Police are asking those trying to reach the airport to look for alternatives way.

A tourist tweeted: This trip started out with a mad sprint to get to the airport because main roads are shut down due to a big fire near Athens.

, Emergency Alert for Athens: Evacuate now from Palini, eTurboNews | eTN

The fire is coming closer to the city. Many homes in the north of Athens were destroyed, and some villages were evacuated, including a local hospital.

I woke up to this at 5.21 am. The fire that started in Penteli seems to have reached the large suburb of Pallini right outside Athens.

Authorities are sending reverse emergency messages to mobile phones.

, Emergency Alert for Athens: Evacuate now from Palini, eTurboNews | eTN

Penteli is a village and a municipality in the North Athens regional unit, Attica, Greece. It belongs to the Athens rural area. It takes its name from Mount Pentelicus. 

Pallini is a suburban town in Greater Athens Area and a municipality in East Attica, Greece.   It has many popular attractions for visitors, including Port Glarokavos, making it a tourist destination.

It was a Hellish night for firefighters in the Greek capital. The temperature is a hot 36 Degree Celcius while wildfires are raging out of control.

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