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This summer, Shanghai is the place to be—travel, culture, and shopping. Starting this month’s end, the 5th Shanghai Shopping Festival and the first Shanghai Summer International consumption season will drive tourism and activities as a new annual planned activity.

Debut economy, brand economy, nighttime economy, and live streaming economy are the trigger words to introduce new services, new cars, and sustainable items.

55@Shanghai or “love shopping Shanghai” are the two themes.

Following the shopping events, the party will go on in July with 65 65 high-quality concerts, music festivals, artistic performances, cultural and art exhibitions, and major sports events.

The Civilization of Ancient Egypt show, the City Walk Pro Shanghai city experience season, the inaugural Shanghai International Cruise Festival, the 2024 Shanghai Tourism Festival, and the Shanghai Masters ATP1000 are among the notable events. A total of 58 unique themed activities guarantee a diverse urban consumption experience.

Visitors can get ready for:

Shanghai Night Festival

Features sports nights, terrace seasons, craft beer festivals with nightlife guides, and nightlife consumption vouchers.

Leyou Shanghai art season

Residents and tourists can access the Leyou Shanghai art season guide to learn about the season’s performance schedule.

Shanghai Green Consumption Season

Citywide campaigns will be launched to promote pioneer businesses in green consumption, including green shopping malls, restaurants, markets, and brands.

Shanghai Automobile Consumption Carnival

The carnival will feature a series of promotional events, new car debuts, and exhibitions across the city’s 11 demonstration areas in Pudong New Area and the Putuo, Baoshan, Songjiang, and Jiading districts. It will also offer various trade-in subsidies for consumers.

Shanghai Import Shopping Festival

Activities such as themed events for imported goods, cross-border shopping festivals, and online shopping events for premium export products will be launched, offering discounts on various quality goods on designated trading platforms.

Shanghai Digital Life Festival

Activities such as “digital life”, “brand livestreaming”, “digital business district”, “digital culture and tourism”, and “digital business boosting agriculture” will be introduced to promote the entry of new online consumer brands.

Shanghai International Coffee Culture Festival

A large-scale carnival will be held in early May on the Xuhui riverside. It will feature coffee markets, heritage brand displays, sports events, and performances.

Made in Shanghai

Focuses on trendy domestic products to promote Shanghai’s manufacturing enterprises.

Shanghai Global Gourmet Festival

Events like the global gourmet market, international chef skill exchanges, and global premium landmark ingredient releases will be organized. The Shanghai Global Gourmet Index report will also be released.

Shanghai Diamond and Gems Culture Festival

Brand flash mobs, trendy markets, jewelry culture displays, and a jewelry design competition.

Shanghai Sports Consumption Festival

Major sporting events such as the Olympic Qualifier Series, the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix, and the Shanghai Marathon will be held to promote integrating Shanghai’s sports events with commercial, cultural, tourism, and exhibition industries.

Shanghai Urban Experience Carnival

The 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition of Senior Care, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Healthcare.

Shanghai Neighborhood Life Festival

A week-long series of themed activities promoting higher-quality products and services.

Shanghai Silk Road E-commerce Carnival

Themed activities are held for countries such as Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Italy, and Chile, and events include the Silk Road coffee festival, wine festival, gourmet expo, and Silk Road cloud exhibition and sale.

“Happiness Express” noon market

Promotes high-quality goods and services in enterprises, parks, and buildings during employee lunches and spare time.

55@Shanghai (“love shopping Shanghai”)

This year’s Double Five Shopping Festival will introduce 55@Shanghai, or “love shopping Shanghai”, offering combo service packages and promoting a city guide, covering unique commercial districts, popular sites, and venues.

Shanghai home appliance trade-in carnival

The event will feature activities organized by enterprises offering discounts for trading old home appliances for new ones and promoting green and smart home appliances.

“First in Shanghai”

The “First in Shanghai” campaign unveils new policies and global partnerships. Later in April, the city will host the Global New Product Launch Season and Shanghai International Cosmetic Festival.

Shanghai International Cruise Festival

The inaugural Shanghai International Cruise Festival, a two-week event, will be held in early August. A youth cruise sports summer camp and an international cruise culture exhibition will be organized.


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