Tourism Minister of Delhi: Government and industry must work together


Since 1989, the Travel and Tourism Fair (TTF) has provided an annual marketing platform and the opportunity to network with the travel trade in all major cities in the country. The regional circuit of TTF-branded shows covers 9 major cities in India which culminates into the grand finale – OTM.

Kapil Mishra, Tourism Minister of Delhi in India, has stressed the need and importance of the government and the industry to work together to boost tourism.

Mishra spoke at TTF 2017, in New Delhi on February 27 at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. TTF is India’s largest travel trade show network.

Mishra said that there were good prospects to get more domestic and international tourists to the capital city.

This inaugural function was attended by chiefs of several trade associations, signifying that what the Delhi Minister was saying was true and necessary.

TTF is organized by Fairfest.