Rajasthan: Where are our foreign tourists


Rajasthan, a prime Indian tourist attraction for decades is known Taj Mahal and its colours, festivals and heritage. Unfortunately the Indian State is loosing some of its charm when in comes to travel and tourism

“This is lack of adequate connectivity within the State, which is impacting arrivals from abroad and movement within the northern State, says Bhim Singh, managing director of Jaipur-based Rajasthan Tours.” He is a major player in the local travel and tourism industry. His transportation company has a strong presence in Rajasthan with offices in several cities.

He said:” Even important cities like Jodhpur and Jaisalmer need better air links. Also, marketing efforts at international events and fairs must be enhanced, so that the State can regain its past glory as a destination.”

Domestic travelers had kept up the tourism activity, in the absence of
foreign arrivals. The Jaipur airport should also be utilized for flights from abroad, as it has all the facilities of an international gateway airport.