FRAPORT: Special effect due to Leap Day – deployment of larger aircraft continues


Serving nearly four million passengers in February 2016, Frankfurt
Airport (FRA) registered a growth of 3.8 percent year-on-year – an
increase of 134,000 passengers compared to the previous record.

February month posted in the 2008 leap year. Without the extra leap
day, figures would have remained at the same level as last year.
Accumulated Maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) rose to about 2.2 million
metric tons, which represents some 400 metric tons more than the
previous February record reached in 2008. Thus, MTOWs grew by 6.2
percent compared to February 2015, or by 2.3 percent when excluding
the February 29 leap day. FRA’s aircraft movements climbed by 3.5
percent to 34,097 takeoffs and landings, down by 0.2 percent when
excluding the leap day. The over-proportional growth in MTOWs versus
aircraft movements – and the resulting utilization of larger aircraft
types – continued in February 2016. Cargo (airfreight and airmail)
throughput continued the trend of recent months, dipping by 1.4
percent to 159,721 metric tons.

Fraport AG’s international portfolio of airports reported differing
traffic performance in February 2016. At Slovenia’s Ljubljana Airport
(LJU) traffic jumped by 7.9 percent to almost 78,000 passengers. In
the Peruvian capital, Lima Airport (LIM) welcomed nearly 1.5 million
passengers, an increase of 12.3 percent year-on-year. Together, the
Twin Star airports of Varna (VAR) and Burgas (BOJ) on Bulgaria’s
Black Sea coast received 34,864 passengers – the strong 21.8 percent
growth can be attributed to a low base effect. Both Antalya Airport
(AYT) in Turkey and St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport (LED) reported a
continuing traffic slowdown despite the leap day. AYT received
663,402 passengers (down 3.4 percent), while LED had 703,709
passengers (down 4.0 percent). In northern Germany, Hanover Airport
(HAJ) achieved an 8.5 percent traffic rise to 306,460 passengers.
With about 2.9 million passengers, Xi’an Airport (XIY) in central
China witnessed dynamic growth of 15.2 percent.