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Deadly shooting in Waikiki close to Kapiolani Park

Deadly shooting in Waikiki close to Kapiolani Park

Thousands of tourists walk, take their bicycle and drive through Kapiolani Park to get to the Diamond Head State Park, a major Hawaii travel and tourist attraction.

Sunday morning two Honolulu Police officers were shot dead when they responded to an assault call at a residential home on Hibiscus Drive close to Poni Moi Road in Waikiki. Hibiscus Drive is a residential side street off Kapiolani Park and en route to Diamond Head State Park.

When officers arrived the residence was on fire. The blaze has since spread to two neighboring homes.

Police closed Kalakaua Avenue and Paki Avenue near Kapiolani Park, along with Diamond Head Road near Hibiscus Place. Tourists and locals were asked to stay away from the area.

The circumstances that led up to the shooting are unclear at this but they don’t seem to have a connection to travel and tourism-related issues. In 2018 a shooting took place in Waikiki involving a drug deal.

Waikiki remains a relatively safe US travel and tourism destination, but some violent attack and increasing property crime against visitors are a concern.



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