China Southern Airlines honored with Five-Star Flight Safety Award


GUANGZHOU, China – China Southern Airlines, the newest member of SkyTeam and the largest airline in The People’s Republic of China, has been honored with the Five-Star Flight Safety Award by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), which indicates that China Southern Airlines has become the only Chinese carrier maintaining the highest safety level and the best safety record. Up to June 16, 2008, China Southern Airlines recorded 169 consecutive months of safe flight operations, accumulated five million hours of safe flying and carried 250 million passengers without incident. And the company’s safety management is ranked second to none in the Chinese aviation industry and occupies a leading position in the international aviation industry. Mr. Li Jiaxiang, Deputy Minister of Transport & CAAC Minister was present at the ceremony.

China Southern currently operates 342 aircraft and approximately 1,400 daily flights to destinations around the world. In 2007, China Southern Airlines carried nearly 57 million passengers, ranked as the largest airline in China for 29 consecutive years and positioned #4 globally and #1 in Asia – the only Asian carrier entering into the world’s Top Five passenger airlines – based on annual passenger traffic volume. For a long time, China Southern Airlines has been focused on giving the highest priority to safety and flight reliability. The company’s SOC (System Operations Control Center),the QAR (Quick Access Recorder) system, the SMS (Safety Management System of China Civil Aviation) construction, Flight Planning System and Aircrew Administration System, etc., all occupy a leading position within in the international aviation industry and develop a school of their own in the domestic aviation industry.

In 2008, China Southern Airlines continues to increase efforts in providing safe operations through the establishment of a new type of safety management system, efforts to guarantee safe flight operations, as well as a stern commitment to realizing the goal of a “Safe Olympics.” In March 2008, IATA carried out a five-day safety audit of China Southern Airlines, and the company passed all 914 audit items with excellent grades. “As such a large company, China Southern Airlines has obtained truly outstanding results, which is very rare among airlines in the Asia-Pacific region,” said the foreign expert who was the leader of the IATA reexamination expert team.

China Southern Airlines’ safety and reliability record has gained strong trust from passengers and a good reputation among the aviation industry. In 2007, China Southern Airlines accomplished 1.075 million safe flight hours, 4,500 flight hours of general aviation and 546,692 landings/take-offs. In 1995, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2007, China Southern Airlines was honored by the CAAC with the “Golden Roc Cup” – the most prestigious award in the Chinese aviation industry, which created the tiptop safety record within the Chinese civil aviation.