Lonely Planet editor vouches for Mexican safety


MEXICO CITY, Mexico – In a recent CNN.com special report by Lonely Planet Travel Editor Robert Reid, the news website highlighted the safety and security of Mexico as a tourist destination. According to Reid, the vast majority of Mexican tourist destinations are located far away from areas threatened by criminal drug syndicates, and reports of crime should not deter Americans from visiting Mexico.

Reid wrote: “Now’s not the time to visit our southerly neighbor, right? Well, wrong. Mexico is a lot safer than you may realize. … Just know that the Mexico experienced on the ground almost never matches the Mexico we increasingly see and read about.”

Reid also interviewed tourism providers in Mexico who noted the safety of their local areas:

In most of central and southern Mexico, drug violence simply isn’t on the radar of daily life. “It’s as easy-going as it’s always been,” said Deborah Felixson, a diving operator on Cozumel who is “shocked” when people say they had been scared to go to the Caribbean island. “We’re just small communities here. We all know what everyone’s up to.”

“Things are so much quieter now,” said Rogelio Vallesteros, who runs a Spanish-language school in Oaxaca City. “People call to ask about safety all the time, then they come and see how quiet it is. We’re normal, really.”