JetBlue Planes Collide: No Injuries Reported

Nonstop flights from San Jose to Boston resume on JetBlue
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According to a spokesperson for JetBlue, the collision resulted in damage to one aircraft’s winglet and the other’s tail section.

In an incident that caused a momentary scare but fortunately resulted in no injuries, two JetBlue aircraft made contact on the tarmac at Boston Logan Airport during the de-icing process early Thursday morning.

The collision occurred at approximately 6:40 am when the left winglet of JetBlue Flight 777 struck the horizontal stabilizer of JetBlue Flight 551.

Both flights were en route to Las Vegas and Orlando, respectively. The incident took place within an area of the tarmac under the airline’s control, according to statements from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is currently investigating the matter.

The involved aircraft were both Airbus A321 jets undergoing de-icing procedures at the time of the collision. Despite the impact, there were no injuries reported among passengers or crew on either flight.

However, as a precautionary measure, both flights were canceled, confirmed Jennifer Mehigan, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Port Authority.

Mehigan described the collision as “very minor,” noting that passengers from the affected flights were promptly accommodated on alternative aircraft. According to a spokesperson for JetBlue, the collision resulted in damage to one aircraft’s winglet and the other’s tail section.

As a result of the damage, both planes will be taken out of service for repairs, with affected passengers being rebooked onto other flights. JetBlue emphasized its commitment to safety, pledging to thoroughly investigate the incident to determine its cause.

Mary Menna, a passenger aboard the Las Vegas-bound flight, shared her experience with Boston’s WBZ NewsRadio, describing the collision as a “little collision” that caused a brief jolt but did not escalate into a major crash. She recounted how passengers felt the impact and observed the damage to the adjacent aircraft, which included a torn-off section of its wing. Menna noted that while their aircraft sustained structural damage to the wing, it remained intact but unfit for flight.

The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in airport operations and the importance of stringent safety protocols, particularly during adverse weather conditions such as de-icing procedures.

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