Emirates Palace signs deals with tour operators in four European countries


Emirates Palace captured the imagination of international travel trade companies at the recently held International Travel Bourse (ITB) in Berlin, signing lucrative deals with tour operators in four different European countries. Yet another marker of the ever-increasing popularity of Abu Dhabi’s iconic resort property, which has posted one hundred percent occupancy over the Easter holiday period.

Janet Abrahams, Director of Sales and Marketing for Emirates Palace disclosed that the Hotel has concluded important agreements with leading travel and tourism agencies in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the UK, after Palace representatives conducted over 80 business-to-business meetings with travel and tourism operators from different parts of the world during ITB. “The high profile participation of the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the Emirates Palace at the ITB has provided an excellent opportunity to network and interact with leaders of tourism industry in the world’s largest travel and tourism trade show”, she commented.

”We will sign contracts with new partners in the four European countries to send individuals and groups of leisure travelers to stay in Emirates Palace as of next tourism season,” she explained, adding, “Emirates Palace will hold a bigger share in the European travel market due to constructive cooperation with tour operators in Germany, Switzerland and UK as well as growing the established tour agency partnerships operating in German-speaking countries. These operators specialise in, and promote elite and luxury tourism, amongst which Emirates Palace aims to be the first choice destination”.

”The appreciating Euro will provide another factor of attracting European holidaymakers to Abu Dhabi. Europe and especially the British and German markets top the tourist markets of Emirates Palace,” Abrahams said.

She expected occupancy rates to hit record heights in 2009 driven by the prominent position the hotel occupies in the world luxury travel industry, and by the massive marketing and promotional campaigns conducted over the recent period.

”Emirates Palace is focusing on attracting elite groups of tourists to maintain its leading ranking as the key holiday and tourism destination in the emirate of Abu
Dhabi,” she commented, also commending the vital role of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and Etihad Airways in promoting and boosting the tourism industry in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

She noted that the string of major cultural and artistic events hosted by the Emirates Palace in the few past months had evoked exceptional, overwhelming interest and response among major world travel and tourism agencies which expressed sincere desire to enter into tourism partnerships with the Emirates Palace.

On occupancy rates last year, Abrahams explained that the Emirates Palace posted the highest occupancy rate in 2007 with a growth of 19 per cent over 2006. Leisure guests were double compared with 2006, reflecting the ever-growing importance of the Emirates Palace and its prominent standing worldwide.

She expected the Kempinski-managed Emirates Palace to continue drawing increasing attention from travel and tourism operators and media representatives, given its strength as a global premium tourism landmark, providing world class hospitality services.

Further to 2007’s sweeping success, she said Emirates Palace anticipates an occupancy growth of 20 percent in 2008, buoyed by increased bookings of all its luxury rooms and suites throughout the year.

”We have already received early reservations for celebrations of the Festive and New Year period, with a high repeat client booking pattern. This year promises to be a vibrant tourism season,” Abrahams concluded.