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Unique view of Seychelles underwater world

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Seychelles as a destination has much to offer visitors thanks to its natural environment, turquoise-colored waters and pristine beaches. For those interested in the marine life, the Indian Ocean archipelago can also be described as a storehouse for marine biodiversity.

While taking a plunge into the deep ocean is the way to way for a close encounter with amazing sea creatures; a snorkeling or diving expedition may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

In the quest to provide other options to those unable or unwilling to get their feet wet, local Destination Management Company, Creole Travel Services (CTS) has made a new addition to its fleet of vessels.

A new glass-bottom boat baptized Zephir is what CTS is proposing to visitors and locals alike, wishing to get up-close with the coral reefs that provide homes to brightly-colored fish, among other marine species.

Zephir – a LOOKER440 GB – forms part of the LOOKER series, a new & unique set of glass bottom boats designed and built by Paritetboat – a Russian boat-building company.

According to the Paritetboat website, the LOOKER series boast “unique ultra-durable bottom window shaped as an optically regular spheroid.” They allow passengers to sit in comfort while they are taken on a tour of the Ocean depths.

Zephir started its operations on July 14 and the Creole Travel Services is promoting excursions to the marine parks and private charters, to both locals and tourists. In an effort to promote learning, especially among the children, the crew have devised boards encouraging guests to identify several types of fish while out on the excursions.

CTS’s Deputy General Manager Eric Renard said: “The product is ideal for family with kids as its safe and a unique way of discovery Seychelles marine life.”

Commenting on the added value to the Seychelles tourism products, Mr. Renard noted that Zephir, which can carry up to 30 persons, is a product that can cater for all markets, while highlighting that it is expected to be well received especially among the Asian and Middle Eastern visitors. Currently, it’s a hit among European tourists who account for the majority of the bookings.

Mr. Renard said the price range for visitors can be between €45 to €65 while special rates apply for residents.

Seychelles is among the first countries to test drive the new LOOKER glass-bottom boat alongside others like Greece, Canary Islands, Caribbean, Maldives, Fiji, Palau among others.

Aside of Zephir, Creole Travel Services has also brought in a new Catamaran baptized Odezir earlier this year, which offers the Starfish Excursion in the Ste-Anne Marine park with visits to Moyenne Island.

Additionally, the catamaran offers the Surf n Turf Excursion, which includes a trail walk to the famous Anse-Major beach And catamaran excursions along the scenic Baie-Ternay and Anse-du-Riz. Both activities allow for swimming and snorkeling in the marine parks.

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