“The start of a new chapter”- Seychelles President Danny Faure sworn into office

The new President of the Republic of Seychelles, H.E. President Danny Antoine Rollen Faure was sworn into office this afternoon at State House.

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The new President of the Republic of Seychelles, H.E. President Danny Antoine Rollen Faure was sworn into office this afternoon at State House. The former Vice-President took the Oath of Allegiance and Presidential Oath, before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Honourable Justice Mathilda Twomey, in the presence of the outgoing President, Mr. James Alix Michel.

“It is with much humility that I address you today. Today is the start of a new chapter. A new chapter because a new generation is taking the helm from the generation that fought for our Independence, built the Seychellois nation, and created a modern society,” said the President as he addressed the people of Seychelles.

He thanked all those that have worked hard and make sacrifices for the betterment of the country and paid respect, on behalf of the people of Seychelles, to President James R. Mancham, President France A. Rene and President James A. Michel for their leadership roles. He also saluted the Seychellois people for their contribution in making Seychelles what it is today.

He continued, “President Michel, this month it will be exactly 31 years since, as Minister of Education at the time, you gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge with the children and the youth of Seychelles. Thank you, President, for that opportunity, which allowed many other opportunities, not just for me, but for thousands of young people today. During the course of our journey filled with many challenges for our small country, I have learnt from you to always keep our sights focused on the issues greater than ourselves: that is, the welfare of the people of our country.”

During his inaugural address, the President has also underlined the need for national unity in Seychelles and a process of reconciliation.

“As your President, I believe that for Seychelles to really achieve national unity in every sense, we must undergo a process of true reconciliation. We stand to achieve much more as a nation and as a people if we overcome that which divides us. Let the differences in our political opinions be a source of strength that dynamises our democracy, and not one that chokes it. We must see the diversity within our unity as a new force that strengthens this National Unity that we truly want for our Seychelles,” he said.

“I am ready to work with our National Assembly. I have informed Hon Patrick Pillay, Speaker of the National Assembly, that in accordance with Article 92 (1) of our Constitution, on Tuesday 18th October 2016, I shall address the National Assembly, that institution where I started my political career 23 years ago. I shall use that occasion to speak about the work of our Government.”

President Danny Faure has also called on all citizens that have any complaint, or any evidence of wrong-doing where laws are not being respected, or where someone’s human rights are being violated, or abused, to without fear approach the relevant authorities with their concerns. He also expressed the need for better partnership between the government and private sector.

“I believe in the strength of our Seychellois workforce, and in its capacity to move Seychelles forward. I believe in discipline, hard work, and a society where all work is valued and recognised. Irrespective of our political opinion, religious beliefs, whether we are in the public or private sectors, the important thing is that you do the work that you have been assigned, and you discharge it with all the necessary responsibilities.

As employers, we pay workers their due salaries in accordance with the law. And we treat all our workers well, without exception. Along this line, the partnership between public and private sectors and civil society must show greater engagement. It is only through a more solid partnership that we can have greater shared prosperity among our people, “said President Faure.

The outgoing President, Mr. James Alix Michel, congratulated President Faure and said that he has no doubt that Mr. Faure will do a great job in his new function as leader of the country.

“Danny, take great care of this country. Continue doing your work with humility. Continue remaining connected with the people. I assure you of my full support and wish you all the best in the task ahead of you. I also ask the Seychellois people to give the new President of the Republic all their support. Let us acclaim loudly our future President!” he said.

President Michel added that he is leaving the Office of the President with a deep sense of mission accomplished, and a sense that he has fulfilled his duties towards the people of Seychelles.

“I have never betrayed my country. I have never betrayed my party. I have never betrayed my principles. I have worked for the benefit of all Seychellois. I am leaving office, aware that Seychelles and the Seychellois people are above all else. Together we have been able to achieve a lot. I emphasise the word TOGETHER. Because we would not have reached where we are today if we had not worked together,” President Michel said.

He continued, “I am taking my retirement but I will remain active. Parti Lepep will always remain a great passion for me. The future of our party, its evolution, motivate me a lot. I still have a contribution to make. I will continue to do it for as long as I am able to play a constructive role in the future of our party, the party with a revolutionary legacy. The party which represents the aspirations, interests and dreams of the Seychellois. My work within the party will allow me to remain connected with the people. I will not abandon you!”

Former President Michel was the President of Seychelles for 12 years and served a total of 39 years as a member of the Cabinet of ministers.

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