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First Tourism Hero from Malaysia recognized has a German connection

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World Tourism Network today confirmed Mr. Rudolf Herrmann from Penang, Malaysia as the latest tourism hero.

Mr. Herrmann is now joining the International Hall of Tourism Heroes with 18 members in 14 countries. Mr. Herrmann is the first person winning this recognition from Malaysia.

He said: “It is an honor being nominated for the Tourism Hero award by my fellow study members of international aspiring entrepreneurs. Myself, being of German origin I do live in Malaysia.

Accredited tourism business economist by profession, I am also a certified hotel administrator and hospitality trainer and member of the hotel star rating committee.

Having been forced to move job assignments due to Covid-19 twice, I did engage in studies regarding Entrepreneurship, with global attendance. Soon our group engaged in additional learning and sharing activities on digital communication media.

Fortnightly zoom meetings are conducted and in the recent one I was presenting the impacts and challenges of the current pandemic toward tourism and hospitality trade. Having obviously sensibilized our worldwide students and emphasized this important topic with various approaches, I am glad to know that my efforts are being appreciated by the audience and recognized as a number of them have been inspired, nominating me for this important award.

Nominated by Anjula Chakravarthy
Rudolf is a very genuine and nice person. He has a lot of experience in the field of tourism and the nicest part about him is he is always open to share his knowledge with young people… World is in need of a mentor like him who educates others and share their knowledge and educate people He was working in outbound tourism from Germany to Asia and developed packages He has been working in Medan/Sumatra, Bali, Jakarta/Java. And have been doing tours through Java, Sumatra, Lombok, and Sulawesi in Indonesia. This makes him well deserved for this award Best of luck to my dear mentor friend

Nominated by Avantika Patil, Ishtara Healthcare & Wellness LLP
Rudolf has been in the tourism industry for a while. Not only is he passionate and hardworking but is also empathetic & customer-oriented. I believe he fits in perfectly for this award since he has been rigorously promoting safe travel through these tough pandemic times. He attempts to strike a balance in the industry. Individuals like him make customers feel safe and confident.

Nominated by Desire Obah saying
Rudolf places a strong emphasis on safe tourism restart. He also has many achievements including: – Being the first General Manager in Malaysia held both the highest diploma by AHLA/USA.
Number one for in Bali in 3 consecutive months. – One of the first to implement a web-based hotel system.
OTA, channel manager & booking engine management hands-on.
First wholesale package tours to various destinations.

Nominated by Valentina Anthonio
He exhibits the characteristics of a true leader and innovator in his day-to-day dealings. An inspiration for many who would want to get into the hotel industry or find someone to learn from.

Nominated by Juliana GraceGeorge
Mr. Rudolf Herrmann has proven himself worthy of this nomination by working relentlessly in preparing an amazing pitch on tourism during this epidemic. He has also worked in different tourism spots which I’m convinced has earned him the experience of knowing more about tourism and how it operates. Hw is quite an amazing Entrepreneur as well who has not only Centre his focus on building safe tourism but also a wonderful leader. I was lucky to be in a group where he did a presentation on achieving a well secured and safer tourism sector during these striving times and I learned so much and that has motivated me to do something on that also.

Nominate others for the International Hall of Tourism Heroes:

Award holders have shown extraordinary leadership, innovation, and actions. They go the extra step. Nomination and the award are free.

For more information on the Tourism Heroes Award and how to nominate visit

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