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Carnaval International de Victoria’s fifth anniversary – a landmark for Seychelles

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seychelles 1 fir - Copy
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The fifth anniversary of Carnaval International de Victoria is a landmark for Seychelles, and it is today accepted that it has helped the islands to enter the world of events.

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The fifth anniversary of Carnaval International de Victoria is a landmark for Seychelles, and it is today accepted that it has helped the islands to enter the world of events.

The country’s Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, said this when speaking live on the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s (SBC) radio this week.

Minister St.Ange was giving an update on the carnival which will be taking place in less than 50 days.

“The Carnaval International de Victoria is a dream which has come true. It is a catalyst that we needed to bring world-known press houses to our country and give our Seychelles and our region more visibility,” Minister St.Ange said.

“Through this event we have shown that we have the tenacity to stand strong even though we are a small island nation, and it is today accepted that this is the only event that brings together all the biggest and best carnivals of the world in one place.”

Minister St.Ange said the fifth anniversary of the carnival represents total success to Seychelles and its people.

He also spoke on the delegations that will be taking part and the new elements added to make this year’s carnival more colorful and vibrant as it celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Minister St.Ange said this year there will be new delegations and a lot of surprises for the people of Seychelles and all those who flock to the heart of Victoria for this much-awaited event.

He said for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Seychelles Tourism Board, the main focus is to hold this pillar of the economy vibrant and going.

The Minister added that the visibility that the international press gives to Seychelles through the carnival is a plus for the islands.

This is among the many benefits that the Carnaval International de Victoria has brought and continues to bring, aside from being a source of enjoyment for the people of Seychelles and visitors to our shores.

Speaking about souvenirs for this fifth anniversary, Minister St.Ange said businesses should come forward if they want to venture in this line, a call which is made each year to the local business community.

Minister St.Ange has called on the organizations and all those taking part in the parade to ensure that their floats reflect the true spirit of carnival.

He also announced that top personalities in the likes of Miss United States and Miss Tanzania will be joining Seychelles to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its carnival.

Fans of the Disney World characters will surely have a memorable time in this year’s carnival, as Mickey Mouse and his famous friends will be in Seychelles for the first time.

Top carnivals from Brazil, Notting Hill of London, Dusseldorf of Germany, Italy, and others will be here in April alongside the several cultural groups from around the globe that will be here to give Seychelles and the world a show of a lifetime.

To end, the minister said the carnival is for Seychelles and its people. He called on each citizen of Seychelles to rally together and to be united.

“Let us show that we can and we want to keep succeeding. Let us show that we love Seychelles by enjoying but at the same time being respectful knowing that we are the host,” he added.

Minister St.Ange was answering questions from top radio presenter Jules Hoareau.

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