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World Tourism Network Statement on Wildfires Ravaging Maui

, World Tourism Network Statement on Wildfires Ravaging Maui, eTurboNews | eTN

The World Tourism Network (WTN) issued a statement on the current wildfires ravaging the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

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The World Tourism Network is asking for the world’s thoughts and prayers as the people of Hawaii face devastating and deadly wildfires that are destroying livelihoods, historical buildings, and important infrastructure for the tourism sector.

WTN President Dr. Peter Tarlow said: ” It is now clear that at least six people have died in these fires, and WTN extends its deepest sympathies to the Ohanas of the deceased.  WTN also expresses its support for those suffering from wildfires in Canada, The Iberian Peninsula, and the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.”

Dr. Tarlow, as an international expert in tourism security and safety reminds anyone in the fires’ paths to remember:

  1. Do not risk your life to save property. Things can be replaced but life once lost, is lost forever
  2. Make sure that your family and you know which evacuation routes to take
  3. If possible shut off any gas supply to your home
  4. Remove flammable items such as curtains from windows
  5. To prevent smoke inhalation, shut off the air conditioning
  6. Have a meeting place or way to communicate with loved ones
  7. Go to areas of clear vegetation. If there is no other alternative, seek a ditch or ground-level depression. In this situation, lie face down and cover your face
  8. Listen to instructions on local radio or via cell phone
  9. Find bodies of water for safety
  10. Take blankets or jackets to cover as much skin as possible
  11. If there is a fire in a hotel in which you are staying, if possible, follow the advice given above. If you cannot evacuate, moisten towels and place them at the bottom of your hotel room’s door to prevent smoke inhalation

It is the World Tourism Network’s hope that all of these world-famous tourist locations will quickly recover and that together we can rebuild destroyed property and broken lives. 

WTN Chairman Juergen Steinmetz added: “Our deepest sympathies to all who are currently suffering or have lost loved ones. Our community in Hawaii works and thinks like a family (Ohana). I am confident our ohana has the resilience to overcome and learn from this situation. Based on the fact that WTN was founded and is based in Hawaii, we’re standing by and are ready to assist when needed.”

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