Main Trends in Education That Continue in 2022

Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

No matter whether you’d be searching for useful reviews at PeninsulaDailyNews, follow the latest educational websites, study via Internet sources, or do some other educational activity with the help of the digital world, you are now aware of one main thing. That is – the education nowadays is reliant on the online environment. This is just a part of the trends that are visible in this area. There are, of course, other ones that are just as important. As everything changes, so does education. But what are the main trends here that continue in 2022? Shall we see?

Technology in Education

All things today are in one way or another related to technology. Be it browsing of the best essay service review, using the novel apps for language learning, reading a book online for your next assignment, etc., you’d find yourself immersed in the digital world. With the involvement of computers and, of course, the World Wide Web, students access differently not only information, but classes, too. This was even more visible with the pandemic that spread across the world and had us switch to online learning. Sure, this is not the only example. Many students, millions of them, participate in distance learning.

Today we can find plenty of media and tools that support the gain of educational experience via the Internet and the use of a computer. You can stumble across many different utilities that allow you to study in the digital world.

This trend is continuing in 2022, too. Sure, it may has some drawbacks, but there are plenty of benefits, too. But we need to keep in mind that technology cannot build soft skills and don’t allow such engagement with fellow students, as does in-person learning. The way teachers do their job also may change because of the ever-growing digitalization of the educational system. But even with the many challenges, there are many opportunities, as well. There is better flexibility, better way to accommodate for different ways of learning, availability of additional resources for advanced students, etc. Also, via the various applications and systems that are put in place, teachers now can more easily and completely track the progress of their class – that is a huge plus, when it comes to the overall educational experience.

Teaching Soft Skills

Sure, knowledge is going to open you many doors. But you might find yourself closing some, too, if you don’t have the necessary soft skills. It’s known that the workplace requires not only the ability to do the job itself, but also the implementation of problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and people management. Those are some of the so-called soft skills that allow you to make better decisions and become a leader in your area.

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Nowadays we see the growing trend of implementing soft-skills education in higher institutions. We need to mention something here, though. The previous trend, the digitalization of education, is something that makes it hard to teach those skills. So, educators need to find the balance between online teaching and face-to-face interaction between their students.

But some institutions that realize the importance of those skills have started implementing them in their education. Such places give their students plenty of ways to grow and gain experience and proficiency in problem solving, thinking creatively and in a novel way, interacting better with people, assuming the leader’s position, etc. Students in those institutions can find more opportunities for job placement later in their career path and will also have more success in their interactions not only with fellow professionals but with others, as well.

Attention Span Decreases

A drawback from the immense inclusion of technology in our lives is the fact that now the attention span is decreasing. It’s been shown by a study that attention span between 2000 and 2015 has decreased by as much as 4 seconds.

This trend is something that comes to show us the difference between generations. As Millennials have reported, should the content be engaging for them, they can pay attention to it even more than previous generations. Still, should it not be engaging for them, they are paying attention to it less than previous generations.

So, this comes to show us a way to give Millennials a better experience – by creating visuals and providing dialogue. This generation is hugely interested in the narrative and pays a lot of attention if there is visual material to support the content.

This changes the way of how educators should teach their classes. They should try to engage the students more and adapt their delivery method and pace to suit the needs of Millennials, who are the majority of students nowadays. A thing to remember here, though, is that if the content is engaging, this generation has the potential to pay much more attention to the material and grow in the classroom setting.

Life-Long Learning

The revolutions in the industrial world have had impact on the nature of the work environment. Now the revolution in the technology and the digital industry as general has led to a change in the attitude towards jobs. Professionals who are willing to stay on top of their respective fields need to gain more and more skills. They realize that the education they’ve gained years before is not all they’d ever need. So, there is a visible trend towards life-long learning. Thus, we need to make sure we present all the opportunities necessary for that.


Okay, those are some of the top trends in education we see still going in 2022. Those have major impacts on the educational system and how students and teachers should see the process of learning and approach it. Of course, with every new invention, with every new industrial revolution, and with every new method that’s been developed, changes in teaching and learning soon follow. We need to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest trends and find ways to adopt them in our educational journey. This shall allow us to become better people, better students or teachers, better professionals.

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