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Cutting $19.31 an hour pay makes many TSA workers sick


TSA workers walk out on the job calling in sick

The average pay for a TSA officers in the U.S. is $19.31 an hour, the responsibility a TSA officers have for the US airline safety is enormous.

There are roughly 57,600 TSA employee at this time – and they are no longer getting paid due to President Trump’s government shut down.

Since TSA officers are considered essential such officers are expected to work without pay during the ongoing government shut down.

This is difficult for some living on a week by week paycheck, and today many are calling in sick and walking out sick.
So far this has no major influence. Yesterday alone 2.2 million air passengers in the United States were screened, 99.8% waited less than 30 minutes.

TSA releases a statement saying the organization is grateful to the agents who show up to work, remain focused on the mission and respectful to the traveling public as they continue the important work necessary to keep our skies safe.

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Walkouts, however, are increasing, counting to little more than 10% .
TSA officers do have to pay their mortgage, have children to feed and often drive a car to work needing gas.

It this the beginning of a more major issue for US aviation?

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