Bunny Ranch brothel: Historic sexual services outreach to disabled tourists


CARSON CITY, NV – The Bunny Ranch legal brothel has launched an historic outreach to the disabled community, coinciding with the anniversary of the landmark Americans With Disabilities Act. The six brothels owned by Dennis Hof have all been ADA-certified retrofitted to be able to accommodate all customers regardless of their disability, and at the same time, several hundred licensed prostitutes have been specially-trained to provide the highest quality erotic experience for them.

Hof happily elaborates on his renovations.

“While the ADA is an incredible achievement in guaranteeing civil rights and protections to the physically challenged, it’s time to go beyond that, and the disabled community now has an affordable, legal, and medically-approved outlet for sexual satisfaction that I am proud to say is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.”

“For example, when a disabled person flies into the local airport in Reno to visit one of my brothels, we pick them up in a specially-imported British taxi we brought over from London, with a built-in ramp and massive back seating area to accommodate them.”

Alice Little, a prostitute at Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch in Carson City, NV is one of the prostitutes at the forefront of the initiative. “The sexuality of people with disabilities is invisible because they are often perceived as beings who do not engage in sex nor have sexual desires. As a sex worker, I’m here to tell you that this is far from the truth.”

“In my experience, as someone who services a variety of people with disabilities on a regular basis, I’ve discovered that these clients have as diverse sexual interests as anyone else, from BDSM to specialty fetishes like sexual role play and cross-dressing.”

“Depending on the level of need, the caretaker can be in the room during the session to assist with mobility issues, health issues, or communication barriers.”

Little said that working with people with disabilities continues to be an overwhelmingly positive experience for the sex worker.

“When I think of my time with disabled clients, I think of the attractive gentleman who returned home from Iraq, and wanted to redefine himself as a sexual being despite missing limbs.”