London Heathrow Airport: Results for six months


The results for the six months that ended June 30, 2016 for London Heathrow Airport are in.

The record Airport Service Quality score of 4.16 reflects Heathrow’s high service standards. Heathrow is recognized as the leading airport in Europe, receiving for the third time, ACI Europe’s “Best Major Airport” award.

35.7 million passengers used Heathrow in the first six months, up 0.6%. Cargo volumes increased 1.7% with Heathrow’s links to fast-growing economies boosting British businesses.

Strong financial performance with revenue is up 1.0% to £1,320 million and Adjusted EBITDA is up 4.4% to £781 million reflecting lower costs and better value.

While the EU referendum result may create some short-term economic uncertainty, Heathrow is a resilient hub with a unique and compelling market position.

Heathrow is to meet or exceed conditions in the Airports Commission’s recommendation for expansion which also has overwhelming parliamentary support.

John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive Officer of Heathrow, said:
“Heathrow has been named the best major airport in Europe for the third time and I am very proud of the work our colleagues do every day while giving better value to passengers.

“As the UK’s biggest port, we are supporting businesses from every corner of Britain to get their products to global markets, with cargo volumes up by almost 2%.

“Now Britain needs a positive post-Brexit plan and only Heathrow expansion will help Britain to be one of the world’s leading trading nations – connecting all of Britain to global growth. Heathrow has a new plan for expansion, allowing the Prime Minister to make the right choice in the national interest.”